Wall decoration with decorative stone


wall decoration with decorative stone

One of the universal methods to decorate and transform the interior of your home is the interior wall decoration with decorative stone. For this, artificial stones of the most diverse shapes and shades are offered for sale.

Wall finishing methods

Methods for decorating walls with stone have many decorative techniques.

  1. Whole finish. With the help of stone, you can lay out the entire wall and design a stylish interior, subject to some rules:
  • white masonry made of artificial stone will make the room brighter;
  • it is better to imitate dark brickwork on one wall, it will become a noticeable decoration of the interior;
  • smooth glossy stone slabs will help to decorate a neat wall;
  • the stone is produced in different shapes, textures and shades, it can also be used to veneer a non-linear surface;
  • a wall decorated with a rocky layer, it is appropriate to decorate with lamps, a picture matched to the tone;
  • the surface decorated with stone should be well lit.
  • Combination of materials. When decorating walls with decorative stone, a combined design is often used; the material goes well with wallpaper and plaster, wood and glass, gypsum stucco and tiles. To get a beautiful and voluminous relief, the edges of the masonry are made broken.
  • Options for decorating walls with stone

    Decorative stone is widely used for interior wall decoration in various areas of the room.

    1. Kitchen. In the kitchen, it is appropriate to finish the working area, part of the wall, column or arched passage with decorative stone. For example, a rough look of wild stone, complemented by wood details and antique furniture, will create a cozy rustic atmosphere.
    2. Bedroom. The decoration of several walls in the bedroom can be done with a light decorative stone, in combination with white leather furniture and bleached wood, you will get an elegant expensive interior.
    3. Living room. The decoration of the walls in the living room with decorative stone is combined with all sorts of variations in the design of beautiful areas. Stone walls are perfectly combined with aquariums, fountains, fresh flowers. The stone looks especially beautiful when decorating the fireplace area in combination with live fire and metal details of the hearth.
    4. Hallway. In the hallway, partial wall decoration with decorative stone is most often used. This texture is appropriate to arrange doorways, corners, arches, niches.

    Decorative stone allows you to make a masterpiece out of the apartment, it adds natural naturalness, old quality factor and luxury to the interior.


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