Tulle for the hall

Tulle for the hall

The last stage of the repair is the decorative saturation of the room. This process is especially pleasant, because the room acquires a complete appearance and becomes more comfortable. In this article, we will look at how to choose tulle for the hall, fashion trends and timeless styles.

Tulle design in the hall

The role of the hall is primarily to gather the whole family for joint leisure. That is why everything should contribute to relaxation, create comfort. In order for window decor textiles to look harmonious in combination with the overall design of the apartment, some nuances should be taken into account before choosing a tulle for the hall:

  • determine the place of the curtains in the composition: they either play a major role and become the highlight of the interior, or simply emphasize beautiful furniture or other interior items as a background;
  • carefully select the style of tulle and curtains for the hall for the overall design of the room, if you do not use certain stylistic directions, choose bed-tone tulle without a pattern;
  • when sewing, it is important to take into account the combination of texture of fabrics, color balance: only one of the fabrics can be textured and colorful, the rest should simply complement it;
  • try to choose a color combination in such a way that the shades are either contrasting or differ by several tones.

What tulle to choose in the hall?

In fact, it all depends on the given direction and your taste. If you want to create a country-style interior, give preference to simple cotton fabrics. For classics and modernity, chic heavy and rather textured options are more suitable. It is also worth considering the way the window is designed. Recently, Japanese curtains, Austrian and cotton curtains have been popular. Such interesting ideas make the interior of the room unusual, but the design style should be appropriate. As for the timeless design of tulle for the hall, there are several ways.

  1. Tulle on the eyelets in the hall combines functionality and spectacular appearance. These are beautiful and completely even folds across the entire width of the opening, a very careful and practical fastening. The eyelets themselves can be made of metal or plastic, which is also a decor. For example, if you want to create an interior in a modern style, then chrome eyelets and a shiny metal cornice will fit perfectly. And for country music, you can use wood cornices. Tulle on the grommets in the hall with a balcony is ideal, since it is easy to push the curtains apart and they quickly return to their original appearance after you push them back.
  2. Tulle with lambrequin for the hall. This is an option for bright, spacious rooms. Best of all, multi-layered compositions look in a classic interior. The lambrequin itself is rigid from an adhesive-based material. There are models from several semicircles, with a flip or manual assembly. The larger the room, the more masonry and complex elements can be allowed.
  3. White tulle in the hall in the form of folds is one of those options when the interior is very rich and you want to create an even background. Pure white is not used so often, shades of cream, powder colors and light gray undertones are more popular. If you have chosen plain light curtains, then you can afford small folds and an original cornice. On a snow-white canvas, there can be floral ornaments, geometric elements, or simply patterns.
  4. Tulle and curtains for the hall for modern design should be selected carefully. As a rule, modern tulle for the hall serves as a decor. The modern approach involves a combination of several types of fabric, plot drawing and texture play. New fixtures, original cornices and functionality — all these are the features of fashionable curtains.

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