The interior of the living room combined with the kitchen


living room interior with kitchen

One of the most popular practical design solutions today is the kitchen combined with the living room. The open plan interior of the living room combined with the kitchen is perfect for both a small apartment and a huge country house. One of the main purposes of the kitchen — the living room is to expand the space, visually increase the area. And despite the fact that the design of a combined kitchen seems simple, in fact it is not at all, and developing such a design is a rather complicated and time-consuming process. Let’s look at it in more detail.

Kitchen interior design with living room

  1. First of all, it is necessary to create the interior of a combined kitchen with a living room from dividing the territory into zones. Of course, you must understand that a shared kitchen does not tolerate active cooking, as the best hood in the world will not be able to rid you of smells. Although in any case, you can’t do without a powerful hood. But back to the zoning of space.
  • one of the most popular methods is the use of different floor coverings, for example, practical tiles are perfect in the kitchen area, and a good laminate or carpet will perfectly fit in the living area.
  • the interior of a large living room with a kitchen can be divided into zones using different finishes for the ceiling and walls, here you can use both different colors and different texture materials.
  • A stylish and at the same time very practical divider is the bar counter. It can be used both for its intended purpose and as a work surface.
  • the podium as a divider is ideal for the interior of the living room kitchen with a bay window. Thus emphasizing the bay window, giving a special French sophistication to the kitchen.
  • the interior of the living room kitchen with a staircase can be played with light, choosing it as a separator for zones.
  • Proper lighting is one of the main conditions for comfort. Playing with lighting can be very diverse, but it is still worth keeping certain rules in mind.
    • there should be good, bright lighting above the stove and work surface.
    • in the living room area, the light should be soft, muffled.
    • accentuate the interior design of the kitchen with the living room spotlights
    • the interior of the living room kitchen with a fireplace must be carefully beaten with light, leaving the possibility of adjusting it above the fireplace.
    • ideally, the work area should be placed near a window, thus using, among other things, natural light.
  • A harmonious color scheme, a complex and therefore a very important choice. With a good balance of lighting, the room can be decorated in neutral colors. Take note, cool colors help reduce appetite, while warm ones, on the contrary, increase it. And most importantly — all the colors of the combined kitchen with the living room must be combined with each other.
  • As mentioned earlier, the undoubted advantage of the combined kitchen is the expansion of space, because one room of 18 square meters looks much larger than two of 9. Thanks to the increased number of windows and natural light, it becomes larger. One of the important advantages of the combined living room is that during the reception of friends, the hostess will not feel infringed when fiddling in the kitchen. This will allow you to spend more time with your guests. It will also increase your time with your family. Well, the fact is indisputable that having a small kitchen, you simply cannot physically place a large dining table, which cannot be said about the combined kitchen.

    Of course, all this splendor has a minus, for example, there will be much more cleaning. After all, the living room does not require such frequent cleaning as the kitchen, but in the combined version, you will have to clean the entire territory. Well, for the duration of the mixer, coffee maker, etc. you should forget about the silence in the living room.


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