Stone decoration in the interior of the hallway

Stone decoration in the interior of the hallway

It has been said more than once that the entrance hall plays the role of a visiting card of your apartment, which is why, having crossed the threshold of your house, the guest should be pleasantly impressed by the welcome picture. Agree that if the hallway creates comfort and good mood, then your thoughts become more positive, and your mood improves, and it is much more pleasant to visit.

One of the relatively new (twenty years on the market) hallway design options is decorating the walls in the hallway with decorative stone.

Decorative stone in the interior of the hallway

Decorating the walls of the hallway with artificial stone looks very unusual and attractive. Such decoration of the walls can be found not infrequently, but not so often. And the decor of the hallway, with the help of stone, made with taste and skill, sometimes you even need to look. Many do not want to resort to this option for decorating walls, because they believe that it is very difficult to care for a stone, and such a composition is not very profitable. Let’s figure it out!

Advantages and disadvantages of decorative stone in the interior of the hallway

The very first advantage of decorating the hallway with artificial stone is that it beautiful, fashionable and aesthetic.

The second advantage is that the decorative stone has a light weight and does not cause difficulties in the design of the hallway. You can fix such a stone on cement mortar and glue, there is no need to sink it into the wall, as well as worry about the fact that it will soon fall off.

The third merit is ease of processing. The decorative stone quite simply takes the necessary shape, without the application of extra effort and special tools. Therefore, laying out the required drawing will not be difficult enough.

The fourth virtue refractoriness. Compared to other materials, decorative stone is sufficiently resistant to fire. So that if something accidentally catches fire, you will have enough time to extinguish it, the walls will not catch fire.

Fifth merit — durability. The decorative stone in the interior of the hallway will have a «presentation» for a long time with proper care.

The entrance hall, decorated with skill and delicate taste with decorative stone, will not leave your guests indifferent.

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