Shoe stand in the hallway

Shoe stand in the hallway

The entrance hall creates the first impression of the house as a whole, even if we are in it for only a few minutes. On the other hand, it should be as functional as possible, clothes of the upper wardrobe, daily household items, and, of course, shoes should be stored here. The hardest thing is to fit all the necessary furniture into the interior of the hallway so that it does not seem cluttered, cramped and messy.

Today, the market offers a huge selection of hallway stands, both in stylistic diversity and in manufacturing materials. The stores offer options for inexpensive plastic shelves, classic wooden shelves, banquet benches in the hallway with a stand, forged specimens, as well as designer shoe hangers. When choosing this piece of furniture, it is important to consider such parameters as the general concept of the design of the room, and also listen to your desire and taste.

Varieties of shoe racks in the hallway

  1. Classic shoe rack. This option is usually presented in the form of several level holders with shelves. These coasters are usually open, and they are quite roomy. Among the shortcomings can be noted the vulnerability of shoes from dust, dirt, mechanical damage.
  2. Stand with hinged doors. This type of stand from the outside looks like a solid bedside table, inside of which shoes are hidden from prying eyes. A closed shelf will serve as a place to store some decor — you can put a frame with a photo on top of it, and an original figurine. The stand in this design often has additional compartments for storing shoe care products.
  3. Shoe stand in the hallway with a seat. With a catastrophic lack of space in the hallway, a bench with a shoe rack will help you. Here, the shoes are stored inside the seat itself, which allows you to combine both a locker and a stool in one item.
  4. Shoe hangers in the hall. This design helps to save space in the room, because it takes up much less space than all other types of coasters. The hanger can be attached to any surface with suction cups, and it can also be easily removed if necessary. True, such holders are not suitable for high boots and boots, they are intended only for shoes with a low top.

Materials used to make shoe racks

  1. Metal coasters for shoes. The stand made of metal will serve as an original element of the hallway. It will certainly fit perfectly into the interiors of high-tech, modern and minimalist styles.
  2. Wooden shoe racks. Wooden shoe racks look aesthetically pleasing. Self-made wooden coasters have become very popular, they look unusual and impressive.
  3. Wrought iron shoe racks. Forged elements will create openwork motifs in your design, it is especially recommended to use forged coasters in a classic or Provence style.
  4. Plastic coasters for shoes. A wide variety of colors and design solutions will allow you to choose a plastic shelf for absolutely any interior. The advantages of this option include ease of care, ease of use, as well as the cheapness of the material.

No hallway is complete without a shoe rack. After all, it is the most practical option for placing shoes in the room, you can collect all the things scattered in the corners into one convenient place. A correctly chosen stand model will only favorably emphasize the interior of the hallway.

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