PVC paneling

pvc paneling

Finishing with PVC panels is widespread in modern interiors. They are wider than the lining and the joints and seams are almost invisible on the finished surface.

The panels are produced in various versions: classic — panels with different colors; laminated — covered with a decorative film that imitates various materials; with thermal printing — applied pattern.

Plastic panels in the interior

Panels are used in many areas of the home.

  1. In the kitchen. In the kitchen, PVC panels can be used to finish the apron, they are easy to clean and will not cause trouble with cleaning. You can choose a panel with a beautiful pattern or, for example, under luxurious Venetian plaster.
  2. On the balcony and loggia. It is appropriate to decorate the interior decoration for a balcony or loggia with PVC panels with brick or marble models, usually the ceiling in such a room is also sheathed with plastic, but lighter.
  3. In the toilet. PVC paneling a toilet is a very convenient method. Plain panels are a versatile option, a light tone will visually enlarge the room, and, for example, dark blue will go well with plumbing. To make the bathroom more expressive, you can use panels with a pattern.
  4. In the bathroom. Wall decoration with PVC panels in the bathroom can be done in a contrasting version, when the lower part of the surface is sheathed horizontally with dark shades, and the upper part with vertically light shades. Also for the bathroom it is appropriate to use large photo printing on the surface of the plastic. For a beautiful finish, you can make one wall accent — by alternating colors on the panels or using drawings, and decorate the rest in light colors.

Plastic panels will allow you to quickly and inexpensively improve your home, improve the interior design of the premises. Having made the surface finish with plastic once, you can enjoy it for many years.

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