Panels for interior decoration

panels for interior decoration

Decorative panels for interior decoration are widely used to decorate any room. Their important advantages are the ability to get a perfectly flat wall without laborious plastering and great decorative possibilities.

Types of panels for interior decoration

Panels are divided into:

  • typesetting rails;
  • tiled;
  • sheet, which have a large surface area and are suitable for covering spacious planes.

There are several types of panels that are used for interior decoration.

  1. Wooden. Wooden panels for interior wall decoration add luxury and prestige to the design. They are made of solid wood or veneered with expensive wood. The cost of panels depends on the amount of natural wood in their composition. The panels have a palette of natural shades of wood, are decorated with gilding, carvings, mirror inlays. Classic wooden panels are complemented by skirting boards and cornices, decorated with milling patterns. Wooden panels can be used in any room, except for too wet ones.
  2. MDF. MDF wall panels for interior wall decoration can be made to look like brick, stone, wood or other texture. This is a durable sheet material made of pressed wood chips, on which a decorative film is glued. Even an image can be applied to the front of the MDF panel by photo printing. The surface of the material itself is glossy or matte. Collections of materials are complemented by corners, platbands, dumbbells, planks and the room can be easily decorated in one style.
  3. 3d panels. 3d panels for interior decoration have a three-dimensional effect. They have a wide variety of textures, patterns and shades. Embossed panels are made of different materials, their cost depends on this. Volumetric design is used for finishing walls, ceilings, niches, contrasting the necessary areas in the interior.
  4. Plastic. Plastic panels for interior decoration attract with their low cost, variety of colors and ease of maintenance. There are plastic mirror panels covered with a reflective film, they are silver or tinted.

A large selection of wall panels allows you to purchase a material that will optimally match the style direction and operating conditions.

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