Marine style in the interior

marine style in the interior

If you like natural wood, as well as a combination of white and blue colors, when choosing a new interior for your home, pay attention to the marine theme. Interior design in a marine style is always relevant, incredibly expressive and attractive. However, it is not very popular in residential decoration, apparently due to the fact that white requires special attention.

Let’s extend the summer!

Memories of a summer vacation on the beach are easy to transfer to a city apartment. The basis of the marine theme is blue and white, diluted with bright red elements for contrast. An excellent solution for the interior of a nautical-style room would be white furniture and the same «vest» strip when decorating furniture. Add a lifebuoy to the wall and a couple of large shells on the chest of drawers — the wardroom is ready to receive guests. The floor in such a bright room is also better to make a light shade, for example, pearl gray. The color of the walls is desirable monophonic, then the details will stand out better.

If you are not a fan of bright solutions, use a calm sand scale. Shells, wicker furniture, light-colored curtains — all this will remind you of the seashore, and a funny driftwood salted with sea water will add zest to your idea. In this design, an imitation of the starry sky on the shelf and various small pebbles in the decoration of objects will harmoniously look. Due to the fact that this interior solution is considered rather associative, it is better to use waves reminiscent of the surf for decoration, rather than classic stripes.

If there is no desire and opportunity to change the look of the walls, floor and ceiling, and there is not enough marine romance, you can effortlessly refresh your familiar room using marine-style furniture. Massive dark wood furniture and various chests will look quite “sea-like” in combination with rich blue textiles and white linen curtains. And interior items in a marine style will complement and complete the image of the captain’s cabin you have created. Ship models in bottles, reproductions of marine painters, compasses, barometers, hourglasses, various shells and pebbles are attributes that give your design originality and originality. Perhaps not all households like the theme of the deep sea. For women, there is always a way out — the interior of the kitchen in a marine style, because in the kitchen, after all, more often than anyone else there is a woman. Thanks to the latest advances in the kitchen design industry, nautical pattern furniture can be made to your liking. In addition, the choice of dishes is extremely large. Customize your galley with stripes, fish and other sea-inspired designs.

Incredibly organically, the theme of the sea fits, of course, into the bathroom. The very theme of water is in perfect harmony with any nautical style kitchen interiordesign fantasies. The wealth of finishing options gives almost unlimited freedom to realize any ideas. Starting from a wicker laundry basket and shells on a mirror shelf, to unusual tiles and new flooring technology that allows you to make a floor with a 3D effect and any pattern.

A «pirate» style is suitable for a children’s room, especially since the range of children’s furniture includes various ship beds, chests of drawers, game complexes with rope ladders and much more, easily merging into a ship-pirate design. Your little Jack Sparrow is sure to fall in love with his «Black Pearl» hiding behind the door of the children’s room.

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