Living room in classic style

living room in classic style

One of the most difficult decisions during the repair is the choice of the general style in which the interior of the room will be decorated. As a rule, we try to visually expand the space and use as few pieces of furniture as possible. Many people think that classic living room design is impractical and only suitable for homes. In fact, such a design is relevant today and is quite often used to decorate a room in an apartment.

Living room decoration in a classic style

There are two main directions: decorating the living room in a modern or western classic style. The first option is quite difficult to implement and it is better to invite a specialist to work. It is very important to choose a combination of furniture color and wall decoration. Most often used brown or beige shades. For accents and filling, darker colors are used, sometimes even black. As for furniture, a rather complex combination of wood and metal is possible here. To create a stylish interior and expand the room, hang full-length mirrors. This technique allows you to decorate even a small living room in a classic style.

To create a living room in a classic Western style, elite models of furniture and accessories are selected. They use wall paintings and carvings, original lighting in the form of hanging lamps and wall sconces.

How are the interiors of living rooms in a classic style created?

To decorate a living room in this way, it is not necessary to be a designer and know all the intricacies of this matter. It is enough to highlight the main features and characteristics of the classical style.

  1. Used colors. One of the key points is the choice of color to create a classic living room interior. Bold or very dark tones are not allowed. This will visually reduce the size of the room and shift the accents in the interior. The decor of the walls should be neutral, preferably the use of bed light and cool shades.
  2. Gold finish. Quite often, gilding is used to decorate the interiors of living rooms in a classic style. It brings elements of luxury and comfort. It is also a great way to artificially brighten up a room.
  3. The classic style of the living room involves the choice of a certain type of furniture. As a rule, in each furniture salon you will be offered a whole catalog with products in this particular stylistic direction. The modern approach allows you to choose not only pieces of furniture made of wood, various metals and alloys are actively used.
  4. For a small living room in a classic style, it is better to choose wallpaper for wall decoration, and for large spacious houses, decorative plasters or textured coatings are more suitable. There is a classic direction in the manufacture of wallpaper with characteristic patterns in traditional colors. These are all kinds of floral and oriental ornaments, which is an excellent alternative to painting walls.
  5. The ceiling for the living room in a classic style is decorated in the traditional way. Use white color, molding, sockets and stucco moldings. In the central part, the presence of a chandelier is mandatory. The larger your living room, the more bulky and chic a chandelier you can pick up. A multi-track chandelier with shades in the form of candles will fit perfectly.

To create a characteristic atmosphere, it is very convenient to use a fireplace. In houses, you can easily lay out a real one, but for an apartment, electric is enough. And remember that it’s all about the little things. Be sure to go shopping for interior decor and pick up a few suitable options: it can be an antique grandfather clock, a vase, or a beautiful picture.

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