Lambrequins for the hall


Lambrequins for the hall

Most housewives have long understood that an original and tastefully decorated window instantly attracts the eyes of guests who have just entered the hall. If earlier lambrequins were considered something special, classed as luxury items, now they have become commonplace in almost every apartment. This decorative element not only changes the look of the window itself, but it is also quite capable of visually changing your entire spacious room.

Design of lambrequins for the hall

This element is used by designers for various purposes. Sometimes it is used to hide a noticeable defect on the wall, to cover an old ugly cornice with it. But you can also use lambrequins in order to visually «correct» the shape of the window a little. Typically, the sagging depth of this decoration is a sixth of the height from the ceiling to your floor. But by placing it at a different level from the floor or making this decoration different in size, you can make the window opening higher or lower for perception. Nowadays, you need to be able to choose the right additional decoration for your room. After all, several models of lambrequins for the hall have already appeared, slightly different in appearance from each other:

  1. Light lambrequins for the hall. These products consist of separate pieces of material, but in the skillful hands of our craftswomen they turn into one common composition. Various elements are used for decoration — ties, swags, original frills and other beautiful options. The designer has the opportunity to combine with the color of the fabric, its texture, playing on the contrast. It should be noted that you should not design too large a lambrequin, because busting in this matter can also spoil the overall impression. In the most common case, it is made from a strip of material through which a braid is passed. Despite its simplicity, this decoration can look extremely stylish.
  2. Rigid lambrequin for the hall. In this version, our decoration is made on a solid base, which is fixed above the window. Most often in our time, a bandeau gasket is used. With its help, our craftswomen can even make this element at home, without resorting to the help of expensive professionals. The advantage of this design is a much lower consumption of fabric, because there is not that huge number of folds that we find in the first version. But for fastening a hard gang, you need to choose a reliable element, because it is much heavier compared to a soft lambrequin. It is best to install it on a strong ceiling cornice, and not on a light pipe.
  3. Lambrequin for the hall from a veil. Made from this light, airy material, our decorative elements look very impressive. You can find different options — a veil pelmet trimmed with fringe, with miniature bells, from a colored veil, from a white veil.

In a spacious large room, lush lambrequins should be used, they will help to create the missing comfort here. Many are interested in how to properly lay the folds on the lambrequin. The simplest are one-sided folds. You need to lay them in one direction. Counter folds are assembled so that they are laid towards one another. It is not difficult to create bow folds. Our bows are nothing more than the reverse side of the previous counter folds.

A distinctive feature of the hall is that this room has a large size. In a large room, it is sometimes difficult to create a feeling of comfort. It is here that competent drapery comes to the aid of the hostess. It is best to choose here elite luxurious fabrics that can give the room a sophisticated look. Lambrequins for the hall complete its decoration, and it is worth choosing them for the already chosen style of the room, without violating the overall harmony.


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