Japanese style in the interior

Japanese style in the interior

Do you remember Comrade Sukhov’s famous phrase from «the hot sun of the desert»? “The East is a delicate matter,” he did not get tired of reminding the dim-witted orderly Petrukha. And although the film was about a completely different east, the phrase of Comrade Sukhov is also true for mysterious Japan with its wise hieroglyphs, elusive ninjas and laconic minimalism. And the Japanese style in the interior of even modern European houses is considered the height of taste and sophistication. Let’s get acquainted with this amazing world of oriental harmony.

What should look like Japanese style in interior design

But before implementing our idea into the reality of the everyday life of a European person, it is worth finding out what the ideal Japanese style looks like in interior design, so that later you don’t have to regret rash actions and wasted money in vain.

So, a Japanese-style apartment is, first of all, minimalism and strict lines. The Japanese are practical people, they do not at all strive to praise the luxury of their homes, rather, on the contrary, they love modesty and peace.

This effect is achieved through the use of regular geometric lines, a harmonious combination of soft discreet colors and the absence of bulky furniture. After all, the famous tea ceremonies are not just the use of a fragrant drink, it is a whole act of unity between a person and nature, reflections on high matters and philosophy, communication between all family members and instructive conversations.

Therefore, the ideal decoration of a Japanese-style room includes bamboo mats on the floor, bansai pots or ikebana pots on the windowsills, hieroglyphic shelves and traditional Japanese scenes on the walls. Well, what is a Japanese room without a small tea table, soft silk cushions for sitting and invariable Japanese screens. Do you think all these paraphernalia will fit into the apartment of a modern European? Perhaps, but only in our European manner.

European apartment in Japanese style

To tell the truth, it is not worth equipping the entire interior of a European apartment in the Japanese style; it is better to allocate one room or part of it for this business. But even in this case, you should not abuse the details of the Japanese style, otherwise you will get not an exotic corner, but a museum of national art. Here is one example of the introduction of Japanese style into the interior of a modern European home.

We will create a piece of Japan in one of the corners of the large living room. We decorate the walls in this part of the room with bamboo-like wallpaper, from which small birds peep out in places. On the window we hang light short curtains to match the walls. On the windowsill we place an elegant vase with ikebana. On the floor we lay a rug that looks like a bamboo mat, and put a low tea table in the center. It can be successfully replaced by a coffee table, the main thing is that the color fits into the overall environment.

As mentioned above, the Japanese prefer to sit on pillows or on the floor. For us, this option is unusual, so japanese style in interior designfor sitting, either low sofas or soft poufs are best suited. And as lighting fixtures, it is preferable to take miniature sconces in the shape of a flower, a branch with leaves or a flashlight.

The decoration of the Japanese-style room is well complemented by a screen. It will divide the room into two independent zones, creating the illusion of moving from one country to another. Well, if you want space, the screen can be easily folded and put away in a corner.

This is how we got the Japanese style in the interior of a European apartment. Of course, this is just one of its many variations, you can come up with your own, the main thing is that you like it.

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