Italian style in the interior

Italian style in the interior

Of course, one of the most sophisticated and fashionable trends today is the Italian style in the interior. Not without reason, pieces of furniture that are produced in hot Italy are generally recognized leaders all over the world. And this is confirmed by the following fact — the world-famous furniture fair takes place in Milan, Italy. Furniture in the Italian style, which is presented in an extremely wide range at the fair, pleases the eye with an abundance of colors and luxury upholstery.

What is the Italian style in the interior?

If you want to try to decorate your house in the Italian style, it will require a significant investment — you will have to invest in trendy and stylish interior items from Italian craftsmen. After all, the Italians do just that — they love to surround themselves with stylish and comfortable things so much that they do not spare fabulous money for this. Souvenirs, accessories, every detail — every little thing is carefully thought out and is a unique and stylish item, which in its essence forms an integral part of the overall picture.

The peculiarity of the Italian style in the interior lies primarily in unexpected solutions and combinations of the most seemingly unimaginable materials. For example, doors can be decorated with colored plastic inserts or silk upholstery. As for the furniture that is made in Italy, it is not only incredibly refined, but also extremely comfortable.

Italian style house

So, what is an Italian-style house after all? This is, first of all, the use of comfortable forms in architecture, which allows you to create the most comfortable houses and apartments. World-famous Italian villas built in the Middle Ages still serve as a prototype for modern buildings and an object of imitation. An Italian-style entrance hall begins with a terrace, which is common to most Italian houses. In our climate, it is not always possible to realize such a terrace with huge floor-to-ceiling windows, but in an Italian house it is an integral part of the interior.

As for the color schemes used in the interior, this is a matter of taste. A typical Italian apartment can be decorated in pastel colors or with contrasting colors and shades.

However, there is something that no Italian interior can do without. These are, first of all, interior accessories — all kinds of souvenirs, various figurines and bizarre vases, various decorative interior items that can decorate a room and give it a truly Italian flavor.

Italians love unexpected and bright touches in rather calm interiors. It can be a red chair, a table made of precious wood, and similar pleasant and interesting things.

Italians also appreciate free space, so they prefer built-in furniture.

Italian style furniture

In addition, such an interior solution as fusing is incredibly popular in this style; Italians love stained-glass windows and colored glass decor items. Among other things, the textile design of the interior plays a huge role. Italian-style wallpaper can be made from fabric, which will give any room a comfortable and stylish look.

Italian style in the interior is a combination of Mediterranean color and really original creative ideas. Of course, only a professional designer will be able to most competently and vividly introduce details of the Italian style into your home, but no one has canceled the opportunity for experimentation. You can try to turn your house into an Italian villa yourself if you have good taste.

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