Ideas for a balcony


Ideas for a balcony

The balconies of many apartments serve as a collection point for all sorts of unnecessary trash and country supplies. However, if you free it from bicycles, shovels, cans and basins and try to make good use of the space provided, you can get some pretty interesting options. What ideas for a balcony do modern designers offer? More on that below.

Design ideas for glazed balconies and loggias

Compared to a loggia, balconies have a much smaller area, so there are some design restrictions when decorating them. And to create a full-fledged comfortable room, you need to try to use every ledge and niche to good use. In addition, any drafts and hypothermia must be prevented. To do this, use three- or four-chamber double-glazed windows, heated floors or polypropylene radiators. Sheathe the inner walls with sandwich panels, polystyrene foam, or use ordinary wooden planks with a mineral wool backing. When the room is glazed, you can begin to bring your design idea to life. Use the following balcony design ideas:

  1. Workplace. Set up a functional table and an ergonomic chair. Various cabinets and hanging shelves are also appropriate. On the opposite side, you can install shelves with your favorite literature. Since the parameters of the balcony are far from standard rooms, the furniture will most likely have to be personally ordered from the factory or assembled from improvised materials.
  2. Green Zone. Organize a winter garden here. In order for plants to be comfortable, it is important to monitor the microclimate and avoid temperature changes. Good light and favorable temperature will be a favorable factor for the strong growth of flowers.
  3. Rest corner. Use this place for friendly gatherings over a cup of tea. For these purposes, a corner sofa and a coffee table are ideal. You can also use chairs and compact folding tables, which, if necessary, can be removed / rolled up and free up space for other needs.
  4. Sleeping place. You can cover the floor with soft rectangular pillows or try to accommodate a bed or a couch. This idea will be very popular with children. Here they will be able to organize their own world, free from adults.

Some create lounge areas on the balcony with a hookah and a minibar, or set aside a place for reading or other hobbies. In the case of a loggia, the number of design ideas is much larger. Here you can organize a mini gym with a bike path or exercise bike.

A long window sill can be converted into a comfortable tabletop, and high bar stools can be used instead of stools. In the loggia, you can also use elongated furniture elements: a bench, a table, hanging shelves.

Ideas for an open balcony

Due to the peculiarities of climatic conditions, many consider an open balcony impractical, but it seems to us that you can safely make a piece of paradise out of it, even if it takes several months. However, before you begin to implement your balcony design project, you need to properly repair it. Lay high-quality flooring (ceramic tiles, decking, garden parquet modules) and make beautiful balcony partitions (forged or wooden).

The best solution for an outdoor area would be lightweight folding furniture that can be removed until next spring. You can use a compact table with a few pouffes/stools, or set up something like a sofa on one side. As decor, use garden lights, candles in beautiful candlesticks, blankets and pillows.

Fresh flowers are also great ideas for an outdoor balcony. You can put them in homemade pots, wicker baskets, or even metal buckets. Complement the creative design with upside-down box coasters and patchwork rugs.


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