How to finish the bathroom, except for tiles?

how to decorate a bathroom besides tiles

For many years, tile has been the only material ideally suited to the needs of decorating a room such as a bathroom. It is not afraid of moisture, does not allow mold and fungus to develop, looks good and is able to serve for a long time. However, now more and more people are wondering: how to decorate a bathroom, except for tiles, since there are many interesting options for solving it on the modern market.

What can be done in the bathroom besides tiles?

One of the closest and most durable alternatives to this material is mosaic laying. It can be made of various substances: glass, ceramics, stone. Rooms decorated in this way look very aristocratic and sophisticated, but there is one difficulty in working with this material — due to the small size of the details, finishing can take a lot of time.

The most modern option for how to decorate a bathroom, if you do not want to use tiles, are PVC panels. They are water resistant, easy to install, light enough not to stress the walls, and come in a wide range of colors. The disadvantage of such a finish may be that, when installed on the crate, this material requires additional antiseptic treatment of the walls in order to avoid the occurrence of mold and fungus on them.

Finishing the bathroom with natural or artificial stone also has a large number of fans. Such rooms immediately look larger and cleaner. Natural material, moreover, passes air well, allowing the walls to breathe.

Wallpaper in the bathroom has long been considered a failure, but now there are moisture-resistant samples. And yet, most experts do not recommend wallpapering the walls completely. They can be used in the upper part, and the bottom can be sheathed with stone or PVC panels.

The choice of material for finishing

The decision on how best to finish the walls in the bathroom, of course, is made by the owner of the apartment or house. However, we should not forget that much depends on the size of the room itself, as well as its illumination. So, in rooms that are too low, panels will look good, since their joints, although almost invisible to the eye, create vertical lines that visually raise the ceiling. But for cramped spaces, they are no longer suitable, because the installation of the crate takes about 4 cm from each wall. In this case, it is better to stop at a mosaic or wallpaper. Moreover, it is better to choose mirror or iridescent textures, they visually expand the space.

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