High-tech living room

high-tech living room

Interiors in this style are chosen by people who are practical and modern. It is difficult for some to imagine how you can create coziness with the help of glass and metal. But just for people with a dynamic rhythm of life and constant employment, a high-tech room is most suitable.

What does a high-tech room look like?

This design option is suitable for large bright rooms. You will never find an abundance of decorative elements, ruffles or frills, floral motifs or cozy little things in a high-tech living room. This is the style of the room of the future, where cool shades of metal, glass and everything is done in bizarre space forms.

The undoubted advantage of this style is the ability to visually expand the space. Lots of mirrors and cool, smooth surfaces make the room feel bigger, and you can easily make a modest space feel spacious and breathable.

Now consider the main distinguishing features of the interior in this style.

  1. The high-tech ceiling is most often multi-level. With the help of drywall, strict geometric step-like forms are created and halogen lamps are built in. To expand the space in high-tech style, a glossy stretch ceiling is used.
  2. The high-tech floor is plain and often in soothing cool tones. Use tiles or porcelain stoneware. Often they put a laminate or choose self-leveling floors. If you want to soften the strict forms a little and add a touch of comfort, then pick up plain and discreet carpets. Classic patterns in this case are inappropriate.
  3. Lighting plays an important role in high-tech style. Instead of classic colored glass chandeliers with floral elements, recessed lights are used. They should only focus on certain objects or areas of the room. If you really want to hang a chandelier, then you can pick up a laconic halogen lamp on several pendants, various string or bus systems will do.

To design a living room in a high-tech style, the use of all kinds of partitions, division into zones is widespread. Suitable stained glass or plastic interior partitions or sliding glass doors.

If you decide to use this particular style, then pay attention to the technical equipment of the room. Only a flat modern TV or home theater will fit into the interior, a workplace with a computer or laptop will look harmonious.

Choose furniture that is as simple as possible, with strict forms in neutral colors. Chromed details, glass shelves and coffee tables will complement the interior well.

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