Hallway wall hangers

Hallway wall hangers

If your hallway is small and there is no room for a full-fledged closet, the best solution to this problem is to purchase a wall hanger. Even if it does not completely replace the wardrobe, but after returning home, it always wakes up a place where you can hang outerwear and place an umbrella and keys, and if there is a place for hats on the hanger of the top shelf.

Types of wall hangers for the hallway, material of manufacture

The usual standard wall hanger is a canvas where hooks are attached. Planks for this type of hangers are made of wood, painted in various colors or with the effect of aging, and hooks are used from cast metal.

Often you can only find hooks on the walls in the hallway. This version of the hanger is successful in all respects — they can be placed in any direction and in countless quantities. And the variety of such hooks is simply amazing, they also come in the form of flowers, leaves, multi-colored balloons, petals, they are combined with clocks and lamps.

Consider some of the most popular options for hangers that are placed in the hallways.

  1. Wrought iron wall hangers for the hallway. Metal, and especially forged hangers for the hallway have been in the lead for many years in a row. They are versatile in their use and are suitable for almost all interior styles. It is a forged hanger that can not only decorate a room, but also become its main figure.
  2. Wooden wall hangers for the hallway. Wall-mounted wooden hangers look great when their facade is finished with natural materials — clapboard, parquet, laminate and even stone. Such wall hangers are quite practical, versatile and durable.
  3. Hallway hangers with mirror. The consumer demand for the use of both mirrors and hangers has prompted furniture manufacturers to combine these two items into a single model. Basically it looks like this — on one side there is a mirror, and next to it is a bar with hooks for clothes. An extraordinary option for the hallway is a hanger with a mirror outline of a female silhouette.
  4. Original wall hangers for the hallway. If you want the hallway hanger to not only fulfill its direct duty, but also look like a stylish, extraordinary little thing, get a designer model. Specialists especially like to use the theme of wood in the manufacture of hangers. Often the original characters are completely framed in chromed steel, which is especially suitable for modern interior styles such as modern or art deco.

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