hall ceiling design

hall ceiling design

Renovation is a time-consuming process of transforming a space that affects all surfaces of a living space. An important part is the ceiling, without which the interior will not look complete. Today we will talk about how you can decorate the ceiling in the hall.

A bit of history

Ceiling decoration has become of particular importance for the overall style of the room relatively recently. In Soviet times, when equalization reigned everywhere, no one thought about what kind of ceiling to make in the hall. Usually it was simply whitewashed or painted, and a traditional chandelier was hung in the center. Stucco molding was often used in old houses, including a border around the perimeter and a relief rope for hanging a lamp. Today, views on the design of the ceiling in the hall have changed a lot. Now the ceiling is a full-fledged interior object, which should be original and stylish on a par with walls, floors and furniture.

Varieties of ceilings

Decorators recommend considering the design of the ceiling in the hall individually. The main thing is that the design and lighting scenario stylistically match the style of the room. Consider the main options for modern ceiling decoration:

  1. Stretch ceiling in the hall, which are perhaps the most popular in the Russian market. Their popularity is due to the huge variety of structural, color and texture solutions and the speed of installation. Fabric, glossy or matte ceilings will look good. Cloths can be chosen in plain color or with any image. For large areas, a two- or three-level ceiling finish in the hall is better suited. With the help of stretch ceilings, unique structures of a wave-like or other bizarre shape are often created, complementing them with original lighting. Almost every stretch ceiling is accompanied by spotlights, thanks to which the room is filled with light even in the corners. The material for such a ceiling finish is used both seamless and with inconspicuous seams. The advantage of stretch fabrics is their moisture resistance, durability, practicality and beautiful appearance. If earlier they were available only to rich people, now, due to the rapid development of the building materials market, there are a huge variety of economical and budget options.
  2. Dropped ceilings in the hall — these are complex structures made of drywall. Using this inexpensive material, you can create any shape on the ceiling, from simple geometric shapes to the most complex multi-level elements, curved steps and smooth lines. Such ceilings look luxurious and elegant, while surprisingly reliable. Plasterboard ceilings in the hall are a surface fixed on a metal base, inside which you can hide wiring, ventilation pipes and other communications. Finishing consists in pasting with special ceiling wallpaper, which is painted in the desired color. Holes can be made in drywall for any type of lamps, having previously discussed the lighting design of the room with the workers. You can combine diffused and directional light, highlight paintings or other elements on the walls. Suspended ceilings are made when it is necessary to create complex shapes.
  3. double ceilings for the hall — this is a combination of suspended and stretch ceilings. If you decide to apply such a finish, you will have to start by fixing the plasterboard construction of a two-level ceiling. Most often these are rectangular zones along the walls or a relief line along the perimeter.

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