Finishing brick for interior decoration


finishing brick

Finishing brick is one of the varieties of cladding material. Outwardly, it is very attractive, smooth and smooth from all sides. Such material is slotted or hollow, which makes it light, warm and does not create additional load on the walls. A similar finish is used for all types of cladding, both external and internal.

Finishing brick and options for its use

The most popular areas of application of finishing bricks:

  1. Facade. The use of finishing bricks for facade cladding opens up wide possibilities for decorating a building and provides it with additional protection from external influences. Frost resistance, color fastness, strength and low water absorption are the qualities due to which this material is popular for exterior decoration.
  2. Interior decoration. Finishing bricks for interior decoration are most often made from gypsum or ceramics. The most popular color options are: white, red, brown, sand, gray. Today, the design with artificially aged brick, which has a rough surface with scuffs and chips, is becoming fashionable. It is used for antique interior options.
  3. White finishing brick is made of gypsum. It absorbs moisture well, so it is often covered with a protective varnish. Snow-white masonry gives the room airiness, makes it lighter, visually enlarges. It goes well with modern appliances and dark-colored furniture.

    Red, brown and yellow finishing bricks contain clay. It will help create a bold and rustic interior. Red-brown shades of masonry are most often used to decorate an accent wall or part of it, as well as corners, openings, niches in a room. Yellow masonry goes well with brown wood, white walls or furniture, this design looks warm and cozy.

  4. Fireplace. Finishing brick for fireplaces — the optimal solution, clinker material for such a zone is best used. It is subjected to heavy firing during production, due to which it receives greater strength and density. Clinker brick is not afraid of temperature changes, it is often used for lining chimneys and fireplaces. The surface of the clinker faces is smooth, which allows you to create a beautiful neat design.

The use of facing bricks in the interior is a good opportunity to create an original and unique interior. Thanks to a large selection of colors and the ability to combine different materials, masonry from this material will harmoniously fit into any room in the house.


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