Doors for shower niche


Doors for shower niche

Choosing the design of a bathroom or shower is no less important than the design of a bedroom or living room. It is in the soul that we are charged with cheerfulness for the whole day and can relax after a busy day.

In modern bathrooms, even at the planning stage, a special place is often allocated for a shower niche. This means that there is no need to buy and install a shower box — it will be enough to purchase doors that will separate the shower area from the rest of the bathroom. As an option — install doors in a niche with two walls and a shower screen.

Such doors perform several useful functions at once. Firstly, they have a pleasant design and decorate the interior of the bathroom. Secondly, they are responsible for thermal insulation in the shower. And thirdly, glass or mirror surfaces can visually deepen the space, which is important for cramped small spaces. And now let’s find out what the doors to the niche for the shower can be.

Varieties of shower doors in a niche

They may differ in the following ways:

  1. The size. It directly depends on the distance between the opposite walls of the niche. It should be noted that for large spacious showers, one of the doors can be made stationary and the other movable, which will save space.
  2. Execution material. Most often it is glass, but it can also be plastic. In the first case, tempered glass will be impact-resistant, safe and of the highest quality. It can be matte or shiny. The trend is now sandblasting glass, which allows you to get interesting patterns on the glass.
  3. opening type. Doors for a shower niche can be:
  • sliding — Ideal for small spaces
  • hinged — if you have extra space, then this type of door is for you;
  • folding — designed for small bathrooms;
  • rotary — can open both inwards and outwards.

Thus, the choice between folding, pivoting, swinging and sliding shower doors in a niche depends on the dimensions of your bathroom.

  • Framed or frameless design. The latter look much more presentable and elegant, they go well with modern styles in the interior (hi-tech, minimalism, techno), however, they will cost significantly more than doors made on the frame.

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