Curtains for the children’s room

Curtains for the children's room

If you are engaged in the design of a children’s room, then pay special attention to the design of curtains that perform several functions:

  • be aesthetic and in harmony with the overall interior of the room;
  • protect from bright sun;
  • must be environmentally friendly;
  • should not cause negative emotions in the child.

Choosing the design of curtains for a children’s room, be sure to consider the color scheme of the entire room. If it already contains any bright elements, then it is better to use pastel shades for curtains. And in the case when the overall interior of the children’s room is designed in calm, discreet colors, then the curtains can be made more colorful and bright.

Be sure to consider the child’s age and gender. Curtains for a girl’s children’s room can be made in pink, lilac or pastel shades. Boys will like green, blue or blue curtains more. Remember that the curtains that hang in the room where the baby lives are completely unsuitable for a teenager.

Most often, traditional curtains or Roman curtains are used for a children’s room.

Classic curtains for a children’s room

Traditional classic curtains consist of a light organza curtain and an opaque drape. A thin curtain scatters bright sunlight, and with the help of curtains you can easily adjust the amount of daylight. In addition, such a curtain protects the room from prying eyes. Classic curtains can be decorated with a hard lambrequin. A variety of bright ties for curtains in the form of various animals and fairy-tale characters will perfectly decorate the nursery. However, you should not use heavy curtains made of velvet, velveteen, wool, plush for the children’s room, since such materials quickly accumulate dust in themselves, and it is quite difficult to wash them.

Roman blinds for the nursery

Perfectly protect the children’s room from bright light and Roman curtains. This type of roller blinds in the nursery is made from natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and others. They can be decorated with tassels, fringe, be not only straight, but also semicircular, with scallops or eyelets.

Short curtains for a children’s room

Many parents prefer to use short curtains for the children’s room, which are much more convenient to close and open than long ones. In addition, such curtains are functional: they will not interfere with the child in his games, and are economical, since half the fabric will go on them, and, therefore, they will cost less.

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