Classic living room furniture

Classic living room furniture

Classic has always been a universal solution in many matters, from clothing style to interior design. The classic style is time-tested and in fact is the legislator of everything modern.

If you want to try on the classic style for the guest room, then it will look quite stylish, as the traditional style looks harmonious in light and large rooms. Today, several trends can be traced in the classical style: Empire, English classicism, neoclassicism of the twentieth century, rococo and baroque. Each of these styles has its own characteristics, but there are features that are common to all. Mostly similarities relate to classic furniture in the living room, which has the following characteristics:

  • the products use natural finishing materials: stones, metals, expensive upholstery fabric;
  • the basis of the furniture is made of natural wood: birch, cherry, walnut, mahogany;
  • the furniture is massive and intricately decorated;
  • products are painted in natural colors: brown, gray, olive, milky.

Classic furniture for the living room must certainly be of exceptionally high quality — cheapness will spoil the impression. Furniture should be combined with the design concept and complement the interior. If the style of the living room allows, then the furniture can be decorated with carvings, bronze or brass overlays, gilding, enamel inserts. If the interior is thought out in the English style, then it is better to refrain from decorations and choose strict, laconic furniture.

Classification of furniture for a classic living room

Furniture can be classified according to several criteria: color, texture and appearance of furniture. Depending on the classification, the products have the following characteristics:

  1. Classic upholstered living room furniture. Here we can distinguish the following models: sofa, couch, sofa, armchair and chairs. Furniture upholstered in fabric with silk-screen printing, floral and geometric prints looks very elegant. The English style is characterized by striped fabrics or classic Scottish plaid, in the baroque they use plain materials and complex wood carvings, and in neoclassicism, on the contrary, they use the simplest decor and plain fabrics.
  2. Classic living room furniture color. The most in demand is light furniture in pastel shades: milky white, olive, beige, light pink, etc. Ready-made furniture sets are popular, for example, a sofa with armchairs, walls, dining rooms. A huge advantage of light furniture is that it creates coziness and expands the space.
  3. Classic Modular Living Room Furniture. This type of furniture is a set of several products. For the living room, sets of a chest of drawers, a wardrobe and a cabinet, or a table, chairs and an armchair would be appropriate. Modular furniture will make the style of your guest room sophisticated and thoughtful, as if a designer has worked on it.

How to choose the right furniture for the living room?

Furniture for a classic living room needs good lighting and plenty of free space. Voltaire chairs and pouffes placed in the corners or a few meters of banquets will look unnatural and comical. In order for the classic to fully show its potential, the size of the room must be above average, and the ceilings must be above the standard.

Designers advise not to overload the room with many elements. Also, you should not purchase the entire collection of furniture at once, even if your living room is the size of a football field. Pick up several products from one set, or choose one that will be the highlight of your interior, such as a sofa with figured legs or a chest of drawers decorated with paintings. Elegance and special chic will be created by classic white furniture for the living room.

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