Children's room for two children

Creating a comfortable and at the same time functional filling of a room for children is not an easy task. On the one hand, you will have to take into account the interests of each child, and on the other hand, try to follow all the recommendations regarding design. Below we look at the designs of the children’s room, interesting tricks and features for two children.

Children’s room for children of different sexes

The most difficult option is to create a design for children of different sexes. Your task is to provide personal space for both, find a place to sleep and study, and of course, leave plenty of space for active games. Psychologists advise to allocate for the nursery not just the largest room, but the one where the sunrise is best seen. According to them, this approach will help to establish a daily routine and help the little ones wake up without their mother’s help.

So, with the choice of children’s rooms decided, it’s time to touch on the issue of furniture for two. When square meters allow, these should be two separate beds, with bedside tables or shelves. Then you conditionally separate a personal corner for everyone. Often a room is simply conditionally divided into two zones and painted in different colors.

If the task is to think over the design of a small nursery for two, then two separate beds in the room simply will not fit. If age allows, it makes sense to pick up a bunk bed and paint the walls horizontally, breaking them into two levels. A good option is a high bed with a pull-out bed, a loft bed.

Not always for children of different sexes, a children’s room is painted in different colors. Sometimes one color scheme is chosen from two or three shades, and a conditional separation is achieved through interior stickers, original textiles, wall panels or drawings. For example, you can choose a neutral green-yellow gamut and draw themed drawings on each wall using a stencil. When a children’s room has to be literally divided for teenagers of different sexes, it is worth thinking about small partitions made of plasterboard, expediting shelving or other material.

Children’s room for two boys

When there are two boys in the house, asking them to clean and clean the room is a waste of time. Here, the issue of arrangement is solved in a few steps: first, we hide everything superfluous behind the doors of wardrobes, then we provide a compact organization of the sleeping and working places, and finally, we equip a small sports corner.

As for the color scheme, it is quite neutral and depends on the chosen theme. A children’s room for two boys can be decorated with a blue-white-blue nautical style, an excellent solution is a planet of adventure, bright green jungles or a blue sky with airplanes.

Do not forget that boys from time to time also need their own secluded corner, so small shelves, lockers, in addition to those in common with toys and clothes, should be provided. If we are talking about two teenagers, it is worth considering a workplace for the children’s rooms so that the children do not interfere with each other’s work, provide them with a field for self-expression. At this age, there are certain hobbies, the desire to hang posters on the walls and collect.

Children’s rooms for two girls

Girls tend to put everything in its place and periodically put things in order. Clothes can really be hidden in a closet, but personal toys or other favorite little things are better to be laid out on small shelves, racks or bedside tables. Usually for a children’s room they try to use one theme for two children. For girls, these are fairies and princesses, then Barbie or other fashionable dolls. It is advisable to fit a closet with clothes for each girl, if this option is not possible, fence off a place for each in a common closet.

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