Ceiling on the balcony

Ceiling on the balcony

The choice of material for decorating the ceiling on the balcony depends on several factors. The most significant of them is the purpose of the premises. Indeed, in order to store conservation or non-seasonal things there, it is enough to whitewash the plastered ceiling surface. And if the balcony is planned to be used as an additional room for relaxation and privacy, then you should choose more spectacular ways of finishing. In addition, the choice of finishing materials is influenced by the existing unevenness of concrete slabs, financial capabilities and personal preferences of the owners.

Balcony ceiling decoration

There are a variety of ways to finish the ceiling surface of a balcony. Each of them has certain advantages and disadvantages. And the most common are:

  1. Stretch ceiling on the balcony durable, not exposed to high or low temperatures, moisture resistant, unpretentious in maintenance and its installation will take a minimum amount of time. In addition, the ability to create any configuration of stretch ceilings and the availability of various colors will satisfy the most demanding tastes. Its only drawback can be considered a fairly high cost.
  2. Plastic ceiling on the balcony also differs in durability, resistance to differences of temperatures and the increased humidity. For its installation does not require special skills, so this can be done without the involvement of hired forces. And this, together with the low cost of the panels themselves, will make the finish quite inexpensive. Also, the distance between the plastic panels and the base ceiling can be used for laying sheet insulation. However, despite the presence of a variety of colors, the ceiling on the balcony with plastic panels is inferior in aesthetic qualities to tension structures.
  3. Wooden lining as a finishing material for the ceiling is only suitable for glazed and insulated balconies. After all, the specifics of this room involves high humidity, which is unacceptable for wood. And the advantages of lining include durability, practicality, health safety, ease of installation and the possibility of staining.

Thus, having considered the advantages and disadvantages of the most popular options for finishing the ceiling on the balcony, we can conclude that if there are free funds, a stretch ceiling will be the best choice, and in their absence, plastic panels.

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