Block house for interior decoration

block house for interior decoration

The use of a block house for interior decoration can be recommended to those people who prefer natural materials in the design of their premises, and more specifically, wood.

Block house under a log for interior decoration — is a board (lining), which on the front side has a cylindrical, convex shape, and its ribs are equipped with a ridge and grooves. The characteristics that this finishing material possesses allow it to be used in any residential area:

  • absolute environmental friendliness and harmlessness, will not have a negative impact on the human body;
  • light weight and strength, will ensure that there is no excessive load on the supporting structure of the building and the foundation;
  • the ability of wood to absorb sounds, attenuating noise, that is, additional sound insulation;
  • simple and easy installation;
  • wood will allow the walls to «breathe»;
  • creating a comfortable microclimate in the premises, the air filled with the smells of wood has healing properties.

The right choice of block house for interior decoration

Before choosing a block house for interior decoration, you should familiarize yourself with the properties of the material from which it is made. So for residential premises it is better to use a block house, for the production of which coniferous trees were chosen. Pine has a magnificent texture, in turn, the unusual surface structure of a block house made of spruce, due to the large number of knots on this tree, makes it especially popular for decoration.

If a decision is made to decorate the walls of a room with high moisture, such as a bathhouse, with a block house, then it is better to use a material made from linden or poplar, since coniferous wood will emit harmful resins at high temperatures. Finishing materials made of deciduous wood have increased hardness, they are able to resist the appearance of mold, fungus, rot less, crack and warp.

Block House Design Examples

If the interior decoration of the house with a block house is chosen, then there is no limit to various design ideas, as it harmoniously combines with other finishing materials. The combination with brick, stone, wrought iron elements will give originality to the design of the room, create an atmosphere of antiquity and enhance the overall flavor.

An excellent design solution would be a combination of a block house made of pine and spruce, while spruce material should be used for decorative elements, since the wood from it is a little loose.

The interior decoration of the house with a block house will make the house look like a log hut, it will give those living in it a feeling of warmth and comfort, while being distinguished by originality and individuality.

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