Black and white living room interior

Black and white living room interior

It is no secret to anyone that the combination of different colors in a certain way affects the human psyche. They can cheer up, cause aggression, cause some kind of desire, or even affect the sense of touch. Black alone can lead to depression, while a pure white interior looks dull, washed out and unattractive. But the combination of these two shades will create a feeling of freedom and lightness, and add elegance and respectability to the interior.

Living room interior in black and white

The black and white interior of the living room is a contrast of two opposites that coexists in any style. But it is very important to find the necessary balance between shades — not to make the room gloomy or pale. But still, preference should be given to one color, and the second will harmoniously dilute it. The main white shade will make the room more spacious and lighter, and the priority black will reduce, but add warmth. The interior of the living room in white tones and with white wallpaper needs to be shaded with black furniture and accessories. You can put a black carpet on a white floor and install black furniture. And vice versa. Here you need to act on the principle of «yin and yang».

It is not worth overloading the interior of a black and white living room with a variety of drawings. Stop at one thing. It looks very interesting in the contrast of these two shades of openwork, gradient spots or geometric shapes and stripes.

Decor elements need to be given special attention. With their help, you can create additional contrast and add an atmosphere of mystery and romance to the room. Accessories of additional shades in the interior of a black and white living room will add effect and expressiveness. But the more other shades, the less contrast the black and white gamma becomes. In addition, with the help of decor elements, you can change a bright and daring interior into a fairly calm and soft environment. To do this, just change the accessories.

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