Bedroom wallpaper — design


Bedroom wallpaper - design

At work, in the store, while visiting or on the street, we put on different masks, we try to adapt to this harsh world. Many nerves are on edge after constant disputes, scandals, showdowns at work, problems with finances. All this, of course, exhausts people, leads to almost exhaustion by the end of the day. I would like to have such a secluded corner at home where you feel protected, as if in a cocoon. A large and bright living room is created more for receptions; you cannot create such an atmosphere here. And so the role of a cozy nest is most often performed by the bedroom.

What should be the wallpaper in the bedroom?

Many factors influence the design of any room, but we will talk about wallpaper now. Their coloring or ornament is of great importance, but the material itself can make the environment rich or very poor. Now many consumers look down on paper wallpapers, but if you change them often, trying to constantly update the interior, or the owners are financially constrained, then why not use the old proven tool. We must not forget that cheapness is strongly related to quality. Unpretentious paper most often quickly becomes unusable. If you are able to pay a small amount, then get better vinyl wallpaper, they have some drawbacks, but still they are more dense and last much longer.

Wallpaper options for the bedroom

If you classify yourself as a creative person, then when choosing the best wallpaper for your bedroom, you should definitely pay attention to the following type of material. We are talking about non-woven wallpaper, which is not only better in itself, but also capable of withstanding repeated painting. Without tearing off the boring coating from the walls, you can give it a completely different color, completely changing the interior of this intimate room.

Lovers of luxurious furnishings, people who prefer classic style, high cost, should not pass by textile wallpapers. Your walls after repair will be extremely attractive, as if covered with an amazing surface. If prestige is important to people or the owners dream of greatly raising the status of their home, then such fashionable wallpaper for the bedroom will be just a godsend.

Having decided on the material, you can proceed to the choice of pattern and color. Many of the patterns on the counters look beautiful, but on the wall they take on a strange twist and make the room look smaller and dull. You should know which wallpaper is suitable for a narrow, low or small bedroom, and which ones should be discarded in this case. If the pattern on the walls is repeated, then the room will become as if cramped. For low walls, you can buy wallpaper with a vertical stripe, they will visually lengthen them a little.

Light or glossy wallpapers on the walls can expand the space, this effect is especially noticeable against the background of a dark floor. If your bedroom has an elongated shape, you can slightly improve the geometry. Make the furthest wall dark, and glue light wallpaper for the bedroom on other walls. Consider all options so as not to turn the room into a kind of basement or tunnel by mismatching the color of the walls, ceiling and flooring.

If you want to focus on a picture, poster or other wall decoration, then you should buy plain wallpaper. But in the case when you have to divide the room into zones, you can no longer do without combining. Most often, people allocate space near the bed, decorating the headboard with photo wallpaper or material with an expensive exquisite pattern. Use companion wallpapers that have approximately the same color scheme but a slightly different pattern. There is another option — the same pattern, but the shade of the material itself is slightly different. Wallpaper for a bedroom can even turn a room into a two-level room if you use the following design — a plain bottom and a top decorated with a fancy ornament.

Do not forget that for a married couple, the bedroom plays a huge role. An oppressive, too catchy or annoying atmosphere can prevent the unity of kindred souls. Of course, the arrangement and design of furniture, openwork stucco or accessories are of great importance, but the role played by wallpaper for the bedroom in your apartment cannot be denied. If you have come to a major overhaul, then try to take the choice of this material extremely responsibly so as not to spoil all your important undertakings in one fell swoop.


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