Bar counter in the living room

Bar counter in the living room

With the frequent reception of noisy companies, the bar counter in the interior of the living room becomes a convenient and functional element of the furniture set in every home. With the appropriate design, it will look great even in the most strict design. And, unlike a traditional table, it will add a certain piquancy to the atmosphere.

The aesthetic design of the living room with a breakfast bar suggests that the structure will harmoniously fit into the existing or planned interior of the room. To do this, the style and color of the rack should not differ from the furniture located in the living room. In addition, special attention should be paid to the material from which the countertop will be made. After all, the surface of the rack with damage is unlikely to add attractiveness to the room as a whole.

Variety of bar types

The most common materials for bar countertops are:

  • fake diamond. It is resistant to damage, easy to clean, moisture resistant and durable. But this material cannot be called cheap;
  • natural tree. This is the most elegant and expensive material. It has a number of disadvantages, such as fragility and susceptibility to damage;
  • plastic is the most affordable material for the price, resistant to various types of damage, but not as durable as stone. The variety of colors and patterns of countertops make plastic one of the most popular materials;
  • laminated chipboard can repeat the pattern of a wooden coating, wood is less susceptible to damage and costs much less. Chipboard can be laminated with wood veneer, which will give the product a certain aristocracy;
  • glass, like metal, are a very good solution for decorating the surface of the countertop, as they are resistant to damage and durable. But glass and metal do not always fit the interior of the living room as a whole.

The bar counter in the living room looks great when different materials are combined in the design.

Bar counters can be open and closed. If cabinets or shelves are placed under the countertop of the rack, it is called closed. And when attaching the tabletop to the supports, the racks are called open. The closed rack option has its advantages in the form of additional storage space, but this same fact makes the construction unwieldy. Therefore, closed-type racks are recommended for spacious rooms.

The vertical space of the bar counter should not be loaded with massive elements. Best of all for glasses, souvenirs or flowerpots with flowers, special metal fixtures or glass shelves are suitable.

Do not forget about the convenience of the owners and guests. To do this, the racks are equipped with a footrest, comfortable chairs with a soft backrest of the appropriate height. You can also take care of the refrigerator so that during the match you do not run to the kitchen for beer.

Properly selected and placed lighting fixtures will focus on the original structure, give it charm and become the key to a good mood for both guests and hosts.

Bar counter in the interior

The living room with a bar counter is suitable not only for lovers of fun and dancing. For connoisseurs of exquisite alcoholic drinks, the bar counter can serve as a mini bar, where shelves with favorite drinks and necessary accessories for relaxation will be located.

In the limited space of an apartment, a kitchen-living room with a breakfast bar is an excellent way of functional zoning of the room. This makes it possible to separate rooms with different purposes and visually expand the space, making the room more interesting, relaxed and relaxed.

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