Banquets for the bedroom

Banquets for the bedroom

The design of the bedroom should be as convenient and thoughtful as possible so that the rest is not overshadowed by minor everyday difficulties. It would be appropriate furniture set, consisting of a bed, dressing table or dressing table, bedside table and soft chair. A traditional chair can be replaced with a soft pouffe or even a banquette. The latter option will look more original and stylish, and its scope is much wider.

The bedroom bench is an oblong bench with soft upholstery and gracefully curved legs. Some banquettes are more like elongated pouffes, and some are laconic sofas. Since this furniture is often installed at the foot of the bed, there are no backs and armrests. This design makes the upholstered bench look like an extension of the bed, resulting in a more organic and stylish design.

Scope of application

Did you know that the banquette has been a traditional bedroom furniture since the Middle Ages? At that time, every rich lady had a domestic servant who not only cooked and cleaned the house, but also helped to put on and take off evening dresses. During the lacing of the corset, the lady sat on the bench so as not to crush the made bed and patiently waited for the maid to tighten the corset on the dress.

Today, the banquette is a classic decorative element in the design of the bedroom and performs the following functions:

  • you can throw off the bedspread and clothes on it, getting ready for bed;
  • the inner cavity of the bench can be used as a place to store bed linen, towels and other small items;
  • a bench with a back and armrests can be used as a place to sit and read books;
  • the pouffe can be used as a chair near the dressing table.

As you can see, this type of furniture is very functional and comfortable. The only thing to consider is that the area of ​​​​the bedroom should be large enough, otherwise the bench at the foot of the bed will interfere with the passage and “steal” a place that could be used for useful pieces of furniture. If the area is not enough, then it is better to replace it with a few cute ottomans that can be placed at different ends of the room.

Furniture types

Modern banquettes have many modifications, so they can be used in almost any interior. Consider the most popular models applicable in the bedroom:

  1. Banquettes with a back for a bedroom. As a rule, this furniture has a classic design, so it is suitable for antique or baroque interiors. Benches often have a streamlined shape and are equipped with chiselled legs, rounded armrests and a padded bench and back. For upholstery, expensive fabrics (velvet, linen) are used, decorated with oriental and floral patterns. Compact banquettes with a back can be installed at the window or in the corner of the bedroom.
  2. Bench for the bedroom with a drawer. A great option for a room in which there is no free space for bed linen or towels. The furniture is equipped with a lifting seat, under which there is a spacious drawer. Such a bench is often upholstered in leather, leatherette or thick fabric with silk-screen printing.
  3. Bench pouffe for the bedroom. An interesting option that combines the properties of a bench (long legs) and an ottoman (compact size). Such a banquette is rather square than elongated, so only one person can sit on it. The pouffe is placed at the dressing table or near the bed.
  4. Classic bench for the bedroom. A bench without a back, which is installed by the bed. Its height should not exceed the height of the foot of the bed.

Many bedroom banquettes are decorated with cabril legs, gilded patterns, hand carvings, rhinestones and furniture buttons.

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