Balcony finishing options


Balcony finishing options

High-quality, durable and, of course, beautiful balcony decoration is especially relevant for small apartments. In small areas, the owners try to make the most efficient use of every square centimeter. And from the balcony you can make a room for relaxation, plant flowers there, use it as an office or just store conservation, out-of-season clothes, sports equipment, etc. Therefore, balconies are glazed, insulated and give them a more or less aesthetic, comfortable and cozy look.

What material to choose for finishing the balcony?

The choice of finishing material largely depends on the intended use of the premises. True, one should not forget that the decision also depends on the financial capabilities and preferences of the owners of the house. However, the technical characteristics and decorative properties of materials are essential. And today the construction market offers the following ways to finish balconies:

  1. Balcony interior decoration with wooden siding or plastic panels is one of the most affordable ways to decorate a room. In addition, siding has such advantages as high resistance to moisture, temperature effects and fading, ease of installation and maintenance, as well as a fairly high level of sound insulation.
  2. Finishing the balcony with decorative stone allows you to achieve a sufficiently high level of thermal insulation of the room. Also, this material is very durable, wear-resistant, not subject to weathering and very beautiful. But it is much more expensive than most other materials, and its installation requires special skills and tools.
  3. Finishing the balcony with moisture-resistant drywall will be a good solution when decorating rooms with wallpaper. GKL are strong, durable and have a high level of noise and heat insulation.
  4. Finishing the balcony with decorative plaster will create a very effective design of the room. It is also resistant to any atmospheric influences, fireproof, durable, and easy to care for. But applying decorative plaster requires a certain skill.
  5. Finishing a balcony with wood or a block house has such distinctive features as creating a special atmosphere of warmth and comfort. However, wood is an expensive material, susceptible to microorganisms, fungus and moisture.
  6. MDF balcony decoration is an excellent alternative to wooden decoration. MDF is much cheaper than wood, but looks very natural. However, MDF panels are not recommended for use in damp and unheated rooms.


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