Art Deco style in the interior

art deco style in the interior

In repair, the main thing is not to get divorced. It’s a bit sad, but a very real truth. As often happens, spouses simply cannot agree on the style in which to equip the family nest. Art deco design can be a very good solution, because you just can’t help but like it. This is quite a complex and layered interior design, but it is this feature that often makes art deco design popular.

Art Deco Design: Features and Characteristics

If at least once in your life you dreamed of feeling like a popular star, rejoice — your dream has almost come true. The art deco style in the interior is typical for the representatives of the «star caste». Wooden furniture facades with chrome handles, various sculptures (most often female figures in intricate poses) — all this is very often used to create this style.

In order to equip an apartment in the art deco style, use materials that are completely unexpected at first glance for decoration and accents: crocodile or snake skin, ivory. It’s kind of a mix of styles. In art deco there are elements from Egyptian and African art, some elements are taken from the Empire style, there are even Indian motifs.

This style is not designed for the practical use of space, but rather for its decoration. Today it is a bright style for living in luxury. Everything that is present in the interior with all its appearance «screams» about the cost to be paid for all this splendor.

This style is characterized by the use of various sinuous lines, both simple and rare exotic materials are used. You can often find outlines resembling waves or zigzags. You will not find sharp and massive elements. This is not just beautifully arranged furniture, this is the creation of a picture. A certain combination of completely different styles and characters of things in one room. The art deco style in the interior can combine the refined and primitive at the same time and it will look completely natural.

You can safely combine elements from different cultures and even time periods. For example, antiques can perfectly coexist with elements of oriental art or modern sculpture. Use materials such as mirror and bronze, antique carpets and ceramics, and many different textiles to create an art deco style. Characteristic are glass, marble and various chrome-plated interior and decoration items.

The colors that are used to create this style are usually pastels and backgrounds. They only provide a base for filling with bright and unusual interior items. Wallpaper is rarely used, preference is given to painted walls. This makes it possible to apply various geometric patterns to the walls.

Art deco bedroom

It is this room in your house that should be the most comfortable and warm. An Art Deco bedroom is a combination of luxury and simple forms that will please both the wife and the spouse. An obligatory element for a bedroom in this style is a soft headboard for the bed. This can be completely done on your own, because the cost of such a bed in a furniture salon can exceed the cost of repairs. art deco designBe sure to have beautiful bedside tables. A dressing table with a mirror will add elegance to the interior. In general, the presence of mirrors is one of the characteristic features of an art deco room. This makes it possible to increase the space if the room is small.

Living room art deco

To create a living room interior, it will be very important to use various intricate screens or forged metal elements. Don’t skimp on mirrors, be sure to add a few glass accents.

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