Wood trim inside the house walls

Wood trim inside the house

Modern consumers are increasingly worried about the environmental situation, their own health. Therefore, when choosing building and finishing materials, preference is given to natural, clean coatings, which not only have an impeccable aesthetic appearance, but are also absolutely harmless to human health.

When finishing with wood inside the house, it is initially important to provide for the installation of sound and heat insulation.

Finishing materials

  1. clapboard — one of the most popular natural wood materials, which is used for wood finishing inside the house: walls, ceilings and floors. The main qualities are:
  • availability;
  • simplicity and ease of installation;
  • universality;
  • horizontal and vertical installation;
  • variety of wood species.
  • Eurolining differs from its predecessor in several rather significant characteristics:
    • strict quality control at all stages of production;
    • surface dimensional accuracy;
    • originality and uniqueness of decorative properties;
    • the presence of a furrow for ventilation and moisture removal;
    • surface treatment.

    Eurolining is a great option for wood trim inside houses, luxury cottages, hotels, restaurants.

  • Block house — the material is popular not only for interior, but also for exterior decoration. For production, an array of pine or larch is used. Such a coating is resistant to external influences, does not lend itself to deformation. Given these features, it is often used for finishing saunas, baths, country houses. The coating of cedar, linden or birch looks elegant.
  • timber imitation — a material that has much in common with lining. Since the product is linear, therefore, it is possible to transform the interior of the room at minimal cost. The cost depends on the quality of the material and type of wood.
  • Finishing a wooden house

    Wooden houses require a lot of time, effort and investment for interior design. Finishing a wooden house inside with a tree should begin only after the installation of communications and follow the following algorithm:

    • covering the plane with antiseptic agents;
    • wall caulking;
    • installation of finishing material on the walls;
    • installation of floor panels;
    • staining and painting.

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