Which ceiling to choose in the bathroom?


Which ceiling to choose in the bathroom

During renovations in the bathroom, the owners are often interested in which ceiling to choose in the bathroom, and what material is best suited for this. After all, we all know that the bathroom is often the most damp room. You can accidentally direct a stream of water from the shower to the ceiling, or negligent neighbors from above will flood. Therefore, the main requirement for the ceiling in this room is its moisture resistance.

Ceiling maintenance doesn’t have to be complicated, since most often the only way to reach the ceiling is from a ladder, but not every bathroom has a place where you can put it. Do not forget about the design of the ceiling in the bathroom: it should look harmoniously against the background of the general environment of the room.

Bathroom ceiling ideas

Choosing a ceiling for the bathroom is a rather difficult task. There are several ways to finish the ceiling in this room.

Bathroom ceiling painting is the easiest and cheapest way. However, it should be remembered that both the putty, the primer, and the paint for this room must be moisture resistant. Caring for such a ceiling is not difficult, but it is on such a surface that a fungus often forms.

Some owners prefer to decorate the ceiling in the bathroom vinyl wallpaper. This budget coating is moisture resistant, but the ceiling surface should be carefully leveled before gluing.

pvc plastic panels — This is a moisture resistant and fairly durable coating. Installation and maintenance is easy. This design allows you to make spot lighting on the ceiling. However, mold often appears at the joints of plastic panels, and the metal frame can rust over time due to the high humidity of the room.

Device mirrored ceiling in the bathroom — a rather expensive pleasure, and only an experienced specialist can assemble such a design. A simpler version of a mirrored ceiling can be obtained by mounting shiny Armstrong plastic panels. Caring for the mirror ceiling in the bathroom is quite complicated. But a bathroom with a mirrored ceiling will have a stunning view.

Plasterboard ceiling can also be mounted in the bathroom, however, in this room, only moisture-resistant material should be used, the sheets of which are labeled GKLV and are most often produced in green. With the help of drywall, you can mount the original designs of multi-level ceilings. Inside them often have electrical wiring and other communications. In addition, various lamps are built into the ceiling frame. At the same time, you should be aware that the installation of plasterboard ceilings for the bathroom is very costly and time-consuming.

You can decorate the ceiling in the bathroom with hanging tiles. Such a tile is mounted in the form of cells, as well as drywall, on a special frame. At the same time, unlike the previous material, such a ceiling does not require additional processing. Moisture-resistant modules made of metal, plastic, plexiglass or mineral plates are suitable for the bathroom. Such a suspended ceiling will look great in a hi-tech or minimalist bathroom.

A variety of suspended tiled ceiling is quite popular today rack construction. They are made from steel or aluminum. You can choose a mirror color or chrome and gold. Such slats are moisture resistant, do not rust, do not combust. The rack ceiling is lightweight and can be mounted independently.

Great option for a bathroom PVC stretch ceiling. He is not afraid of water and is able to hold up to 100 liters of water in case of flooding from above. In such emergency cases, experts drain the water from the film and the ceiling is like new again. There are many design options for stretch ceilings that can be used in this room. Stretch ceiling in the bathroom looks elegant and modern.


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