Wardrobes in the children’s room for a boy

Wardrobes in the children's room for a boy

A wardrobe is a mandatory attribute of a child’s room for a boy, along with a bed and a desk. It is in the closet that the child can store his toys, as well as clothes and shoes.

Wardrobe in the nursery for a boy

When purchasing a closet in a nursery for a boy, it is worth starting from several reasons. Firstly, this, of course, is the availability of free space for a particular model. If the nursery is large enough, then it is best to purchase a solid wardrobe in the nursery for the boy. All things will fit there, and you can do without other pieces of furniture, such as a chest of drawers or bedside tables. It’s good if there are shelves and hangers in such a closet, as well as boxes below for storing toys.

If there is not so much space, then the choice usually falls on cabinets-pencil cases. However, they may not always be convenient, since with a sufficiently large height of the cabinet, its division usually goes in the vertical direction and some shelves may simply be out of reach for the child. Another option is a corner wardrobe for a boy’s children’s room, which takes up much less space, and is in no way inferior to direct models in terms of spaciousness.

It is also worth noting the cabinets that are sold as part of ready-made modules for the nursery, including a bed and a desk. They usually have a height that is most comfortable for a child to use.

Wardrobe design for a boy’s nursery

The second aspect of choosing a wardrobe for a boy’s nursery is its design. It should fit the rest of the room, fit into the overall style of the room. If carved details and curved shapes look beautiful in wardrobes for a child’s girl, then a more concise and simple design is preferable for boyish options. The role of decoration here can be played by a variety of colored inserts that make the appearance of the furniture more fun and interesting, as well as the unusual appearance of the fittings. For example, the handles of such a cabinet may be shaped like cartoon characters.

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