Wallpaper in the room for a teenage girl

Redecoration in the children’s room is a natural decision as the child grows up. After all, a grown up girl already has other interests, it may just be boring for her to live surrounded by princesses or cartoon characters. And such a repair begins with a change of wallpaper in the room for a teenage girl.

Flowers and floral ornament

The most win-win and versatile option for wallpaper in the bedroom for a teenage girl is the choice of canvases with floral colors or floral ornaments. Such a solution is quite durable, because it corresponds to any age. It is worth choosing options after consulting with the child, perhaps he has certain preferences in terms of colors and size of the pattern. Such wallpapers are suitable, and when it is planned to use a photo image on one of the walls.

Stripe and cage

Stripes are another versatile wallpaper option for a teenage girl’s nursery. To make such a classic pattern more modern, you can use bright and unusual color combinations, such as green and purple stripes. The cage is more difficult to use, besides, it can visually reduce the space of the room, make it lower, so this pattern can only be used in large rooms. However, plaid wallpaper can create a very stylish and interesting modern effect.


Relevant for wallpaper for walls for teenage girls will be colors hinting at travel. You can pick up wallpapers depicting famous sights or order panels or photo wallpapers with panoramic views of famous cities.


Animal colors can be very bright, so when deciding which wallpaper to choose for a teenage girl, you can stop at them, but use them very metered, combining with plain and calmer colors. However, it is these wallpapers that can create a truly youthful and modern effect, so you should take a closer look at them. In addition, this decision is not too crowded yet, so such a nursery will look unique.

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