Wallpaper for children’s room of children of different sexes


Wallpaper for children's room of children of different sexes

If two children of different sexes are growing up in your family, who, moreover, live in the same room, then the design of their personal space can cause some difficulties. After all, boys and girls have different hobbies, hobbies, toys. Consider two main ways to select wallpaper for a children’s room for children of different sexes.


The first choice of wallpaper in the nursery for children of different sexes is based on finding a compromise between the desires of a boy and a girl. So, if we talk about the color scheme of the wallpaper, then it can be bright or calm, but neutral tones: yellow, green, red. At the same time, most likely, options such as pink or purple, which, according to the established opinion, are suitable only for girls, will definitely disappear. But the options for using blue or blue wallpapers can be considered, since the binding of these colors in the mind to the male sex is not so strong.

If we dwell on patterns, then a compromise in wallpaper for a different-sex nursery can be found in reflecting common interests. For example, a boy does not want flowers or butterflies to be depicted on the wallpaper, and a girl is against robots and cars. But they may have nothing against drawings of animals or stars, and both will agree to this option. Photo wallpapers should also be selected if you want to use them in the interior. Choose a neutral theme, and then both your son and daughter will definitely like the decor in the room.

Separation of interests

The second way you can go when buying wallpaper for a children’s room for children of different sexes is to zone the room into a part for a boy and a part for a girl. Sometimes this division can even be shown by a small partition in the middle of the room.

At the same time, the main elements of wall decor should be the same on both halves. So, if you decide to use a murals with a lock on the girl’s part, then you should choose a murals with a car or a superhero for the half of the boy. But the color scheme or wallpaper ornaments on both halves may differ. You can choose a classic combination: blue / pink, or you can ask the children themselves what color they would like to see in the room. In this case, the unifying element of the interior can be the details of the walls, ceiling and floor: white skirting boards, the same flooring in both parts, a single ceiling. You can also use neutral wallpapers (for example, white), which are combined with those chosen for the halves.


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