Wallpaper design for the hall

Wallpaper design for the hall

If you are planning to carry out repairs in the hall, pay attention to interesting design developments in this area. The fact is that a scientific approach to the design of rooms will allow you to achieve some of the goals that are pursued by every owner.

  1. The existing advantages must be strengthened — the large size of the room, her ladyship, etc.
  2. All shortcomings should be leveled, which include the small dimensions of the room, the lack of proper lighting.
  3. You can achieve all these goals with the help of a classic means — wallpaper, so they should be given more attention in the process of designing a future interior.

So, choosing a wallpaper design for the hall is both easy and difficult at the same time. Easy — because interesting. And complicated — because the number of types, types and textures of wallpaper offered by today’s stores exceeds several hundred different variations.

The most popular and massive phenomenon in recent years has been the development of wallpaper design for the hall in a combined way. Its essence is simple — part of the room is pasted over with one type, color or texture of wallpaper, and part is completely different. Several variations are possible here:

  • the number of different sections can reach 3-4, and not just 2;
  • different areas may differ only by 1-2 tones or be contrasting;
  • such areas can differ both in color shade and in the nature of the pattern.

For example, a solution such as vertical or horizontal dark or light stripes is often used. These are often called «borders», «sides», indicating the separation of the various zones being designed.

Laws of interior perception

During the design of wallpaper pasting in the hall, some rules are taken into account that are important in the process of assessing a person’s perception of the surrounding reality.

So, firstly, light colors visually significantly increase the space. The reverse is also true.

Secondly, small drawings increase the size of small rooms, while large ones reduce large rooms.

Thirdly, vertical stripes, especially different in color, visually increase the height of the room, «reducing» its length. And vice versa — horizontal stripes «lengthen» the premises, but visually reduce the height.

And, finally, one of the main rules taken into account when designing the ceiling in the hall is wallpaper, these are some contrast features. So the contrast of wallpaper and furniture is unacceptable. Dark furniture with light wallpaper will touch the “dirty” spot, and light furniture on the dark one will touch the “unpainted” part of the room. Therefore, the contrast began to be applied to several sections of the walls, on which wallpapers of different content, tonality and other characteristics are pasted.

How to choose the right wallpaper for the hall?

The algorithm for selecting wallpaper for the hall is as follows. First of all, the design style of the room itself, the entire apartment or country house is being developed. It then highlights several different color hues that may be acceptable for this style. The next step — the selected tones are combined, after which it is planned to implement them on the walls. And, finally, the area where the wallpaper will be pasted is marked. The final stage is the implementation of the idea with possible further adjustment.

One of the practical solutions that allow you to significantly diversify the possibilities of combined wall pasting is the choice of painted wallpaper. The fact is that by tinting, you can choose one of more than a thousand color shades. This approach to the design of the hall significantly increases the possibilities of decor.

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