Wall tiles in the bathroom

Wall tiles in the bathroom

Wall tiles in the bathroom have been and remain the most popular solution for finishing this room. This is due to the ease of working with such material, its durability, resistance to moisture, as well as a huge number of design solutions for such tiles.

Bathroom wall tile design

Now in stores you can find such a huge number of different options for wall ceramic tiles for the bathroom that it is simply impossible to describe them all. However, we will focus on the most relevant design solutions now.

Wood effect wall tiles in the bathroom is gaining more and more popularity. The warm color of this tile makes the room visually more comfortable and warm. Such tiles will fit well into any general style decision of the house, including rustic or ecological style. At the same time, it will be less difficult with it than if natural wood was used for decoration, which would have to be periodically treated with water-repellent compounds.

White bathroom wall tiles for a long time it was not in demand, since for many this color evoked associations with a hospital room. However, there is now more and more interest in this color. So, tiles with a marbled pattern or in the form of bricks (the so-called boar tiles) are often purchased. You can also solve the issue with the coldness of the color by finding a tile of a different color that matches the style of the white tile, a companion option.

Finally, there is now a whole trend towards the use wall mosaic tiles for the bathroom. It serves no worse than traditional options, while it looks more interesting and gives the room a personality.

How to choose bathroom wall tiles?

Before purchasing one or another version of the tile, you should sensibly evaluate the proportions, as well as the dimensions of the bathroom. So, for low, narrow or small rooms, it is better to choose light-colored tiles, and large bathrooms can be decorated with darker-colored tiles. If the pattern on the tile suggests stripes, then with low ceilings it is better to put them vertically, and with high ceilings — horizontally. If the room is small, you should not focus on the corners of the room or choose a wall tile color that contrasts strongly with the floor.

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