Wall paneling — types of materials


wall paneling

Wall paneling is widely used to decorate all rooms in an apartment or private house. It allows you to get a beautiful, even surface with minimal cost and effort. The panels are easy to install, and the choice of textures and colors is incredibly diverse, allowing you to choose the material for any style of the room.

Varieties of panels

Wall panels differ in their shape:

  • rack panels. They are narrow boards, connected due to the presence of a spike and a groove, ideal for the walls of small rooms or ceilings;
  • tiled panels. They are square and come in various sizes. Convenient for laying out different drawings from material of different sizes and textures;
  • leafy. Facilitate work on facing large rooms. They are fixed with glue, the seams are hidden by moldings.

Panel materials

Wall panels are made from many modern materials that determine their decorative and operational features.


To decorate the walls with MDF panels, you can choose a material with a stone, brick texture, with an original three-dimensional 3d pattern, it is appropriate to use them in the hallway, decorate an accent wall in the living room. The surface of the material itself can be matte or glossy, it can withstand sufficient loads and humidity.


For wall decoration with wooden panels, cedar, oak or alder wood is most often used; they look rich and presentable. Wood material is popular due to its environmental friendliness and natural beauty. The wax coating protects it from moisture and dirt.


The material is made of polyvinyl chloride with some softener. Wall decoration with plastic panels can be used in any room, even on a loggia, bathroom. Their advantages are water resistance, fire resistance and hygiene.


Mirrored wall panels are ideal for an elegant living room, they decorate the interior and make the room brighter. The panels are made in various forms, for example in the form of zigzag elements of mirrors or plastic coated with a reflective material. The surface can be a regular mirror, tinted or decorated with patterns. Even photographic drawings can be applied to plastic panels.


Wall cladding with veneered panels allows you to create an expensive finish. The material completely imitates natural wood, but is much cheaper. There are panels that can copy even a stone surface with a pattern of natural material and a rough texture.


Metal panels for walls are most often used for interior decoration of ceilings, balcony railings, flights of stairs. Sheets of metal are perforated, with a structural surface, smooth or with an image on a mirror surface.


Wall decoration with soft panels in the bedroom is a new trend in design. Outwardly, they resemble pillows filled with soft material, on a dense basis — plywood, chipboard, MDF. They are attached directly to the wall, create maximum comfort and coziness, ideal for the bedroom. The panels are upholstered in leather or fabric, have embossed patterns due to tightening, various colors, plain or combined.

Wall paneling allows you to get the perfect surface without spending time on plastering. They have an affordable cost, improve the heat and sound insulation of the premises. Proper selection of panels will provide high-quality finishes for rooms with any operating parameters.


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