Vintage style interior


Vintage style interior

For winemakers, “vintage” is a wine that has been in the cellar for many years and only now has acquired an unsurpassed taste. For musicians, an old instrument that still sounds good. Music gourmets enjoy the sounds of unique jazz pieces with the help of vintage equipment, thanks to which you can listen to rare records in high quality. And modern fashionistas wear a bright rock and roll dress with a bow at the waist, calling it vintage. All these concepts unite the 20th century and quality factor.

The concept of “vintage” is also rooted in interior design, which means a combination of old things with modern ones. This interior style is also known as «shabby elegance» and is characterized by the presence of old pieces of furniture, accessories and trinkets in the house, which create a slightly casual romantic atmosphere with a touch of nostalgia.

In general, the interior in vintage style does not limit us to strict rules, providing freedom of imagination. But you still have to follow some principles in arranging a home in this style.

  • ceiling should be simply painted, stucco decor is possible, without a hint of modern finishes;
  • floor — exclusively parquet, artificially aged parquet will be an ideal option;
  • walls — either pastel colors of wall decoration, or light wallpaper with a delicate floral pattern;
  • furniture — classic chests of drawers with many drawers or an elegant wardrobe left by your grandmother will be appropriate in a vintage interior;
  • decor — lace, embroidery are actively used;
  • lighting — fabric lampshades, night lamps, chandeliers will give a unique flavor.

Interior of rooms in vintage style

Bedroom in vintage style

This is a very «girly» room. Furniture and decor elements are stylized as antiques. An iron bed with wrought iron backs is ideal. The presence of a chest of drawers, a dressing table, bedside tables, a mirror in an old frame will give a complete look to the bedroom. Do not forget about decorations — figurines, black and white photos, lace doilies and other trinkets. They should be in moderation to create a casual look, but by no means cluttered.

Living room in vintage style

When creating a vintage living room interior, choose furniture and decor elements that correspond to one period of time. If the first thing you bought for the living room is a leather sofa and chairs from the 30s, then the rest of the furniture and accessories should be from the same time. The color scheme is calm pastel shades, with bright accents in the decor.

Vintage style kitchen

A vintage kitchen contains all the best from past eras — good-quality wooden furniture, an antique-style chandelier, natural materials in decoration. And another important attribute of style is jewelry — it can be a composition of decorative plates or a teapot decorated with lace.

Entrance hall in vintage style

Furniture manufacturers delight with a huge selection of vintage hallway furniture, thanks to which it will be possible to maintain the unity of style in all areas of the house.


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