Toilet room design

Toilet room design

When planning repairs in the bathroom, many owners refuse a combined bathroom and equip two different rooms: a toilet and the bathroom itself. In this case, you should think in advance about the design of your future toilet and bathroom.

Most often, the toilet room is the smallest room in the apartment, so its design should be comfortable, functional and beautiful.

small bathroom design

In typical apartments, the toilet room is a small narrow rectangular room in which there is only a place for a toilet. Therefore, the main task in the repair of the toilet room is the high-quality design of the ceiling, floor and walls.

A popular finishing material for walls and floors in the toilet is tile. It is decorative and durable, easy to clean and suitable for rooms with high humidity. In a small toilet, white tiles will visually expand the room. No less popular is the finishing with contrasting tiles: white and black or white and blue.

It is not necessary to lay tiles on the entire height of the wall. It is quite possible to cover half of the wall with it, and paint the rest. The walls in the toilet, painted in orange, yellow, blue or light green, will look beautiful. The ceiling in the toilet can also be painted with water-based paint.

The design of a small toilet room with waterproof wallpaper looks great. If space permits, then next to the toilet, you can install a mini-sink or bidet.

Behind the toilet, most often there are pipes for water supply and sewerage. A special sanitary cabinet with doors will help to hide them. A niche with pipes can also be closed with modern blinds made like roller shutters.

If the pipes in your toilet room run elsewhere, then the space behind the toilet can be used by installing a cabinet with shelves on high legs or even placing a washing machine there.

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