Teenage room for a girl


Ideas for decorating a girl’s teen room should take into account changes in her hobbies, interests, and activities. After all, the child plays less and less, spends more and more time studying, communicating with peers or an interesting hobby.

Wallpaper for a girl’s teenage room

The first thing to replace in a teenage room is the wall covering. Wallpapers with princesses, fairy-tale characters are becoming a thing of the past. Consult with your daughter, for sure, together you can choose the topic that she likes the most.

The most relevant ideas for wall covering are: various floral patterns, flowers and monograms on the walls. They are versatile and like most girls.

Another idea is related to the theme of travel. Wallpaper with the image of the Eiffel Tower, photo wallpaper with a panorama of New York, a huge British flag on one of the walls — all this will appeal to the growing lady.

Finally, wallpapers with geometric or animal prints look very relevant.

Design of a teenage room for girls

Ideas for a teenage girl’s room, generated during the wall covering decision, will set the tone for the rest of the design. The general style must be traced. This is the only way to create a truly stylish teenage room for a girl, and style comes first at this age.

If you have chosen a classic pattern for wallpaper, then furniture should be purchased based on classical views on furnishings and interiors. It is necessary to create a kind of boudoir for a little lady. Suitable furniture with forged or carved details. A beautiful dressing table with an ottoman or an unusual chair in front of it is required, a canopy on the bed is desirable. Curtains should be lush, complex shape. It is also worth choosing a beautiful, intricate chandelier.

The theme of travel is revealed in objects and stylish gizmos characteristic of each country. So, the theme of England is well supported by dark wood furniture, as well as expressive details, for example, a clock in the form of the Tower, a door to the room, finished in the form of an entrance to a telephone booth, a figurine of a red double-decker bus as decoration.

Exotic colors on the walls are best supported by furniture that is modest in color and shape; minimalism is more appropriate here than ever.

But safari-style ideas just need the right accessories: a zebra or leopard-colored carpet, heavy wooden furniture, wicker decorative gizmos.


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