Small children’s room

Small children's room

Modern living conditions of many families are such that often the child does not have his own separate room. But if you still managed to highlight it, then even in a small children’s room you can arrange everything so that it is comfortable, beautiful and modern.

Small children’s room for a boy

Ideas for a small children’s room are based on the correct organization of the space, with the introduction of elements that the child will like. So, in a room for a boy, blue, blue interior colors are traditionally used, as well as green, yellow, and beige. However, if the room is small, then it is better to abandon bright dark tones for walls, floors and ceilings, and use them to select expressive details. Very suitable for a children’s bedroom in a small room are a variety of multifunctional furniture options that combine both a desktop, a bed located above it, and a small closet. Such walls allow you to free up a large space for games, and also use the wall itself as an interesting game decoration.

Small children’s room for a girl

How to equip a small children’s room for a girl can be decided based on the configuration of the room. So, if the room is narrow and long, then a desktop can be placed against a shorter wall, preferably with a window, and it is better to use a transforming bed, which can be folded and turned into a sofa during the day. It is also good if boxes for storing toys or clothes are placed in such a transforming sofa. A beautiful bright carpet and photo wallpapers depicting fairy-tale characters, as well as delicate romantic accessories will add girlish character to the room: photographs in carved frames on the walls, unusual panels, rag dolls sitting on the windowsill and bed. If space permits, you can also place a beautiful dressing table in the room, at which the girl can preen and experiment with hairstyles.

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