Sliding wardrobe doors


Sliding wardrobe doors

Being a happy owner (or owner) of even a very small dressing room, you can use sliding doors to turn it not only into a very functional, but also quite an original art object. So, consider the possibilities of various types of sliding doors for the dressing room.

Types and features of sliding doors

First of all, it should be said that equipping the entrance to the dressing room with sliding doors, rather than traditional swing doors, will significantly save space. The principle of operation for all types of sliding doors is almost the same. The differences lie in the sliding mechanism itself and, of course, in the appearance of the door leaf. It (the door leaf) can be made from a variety of materials. But most often, wood or canvases based on its processed products are used, for example, MDF boards, and various types of glass. Moreover, glass sliding doors are gaining more and more popularity. This is due to the fact that modern technologies make it possible to create glass door leafs with various patterns (monochrome, color, which can be ordered according to the type of pattern on wallpaper or curtains), with stained-glass windows or their imitation, with ornaments and painting, with fusing. Why not an art object!? In addition, glass can be colored or made using lakobel technology. And mirrored sliding doors for the dressing room will successfully cope with the double task — the actual function of the door and the function of a huge mirror.

Now a few words about the most commonly used sliding mechanisms in wardrobe doors. The palm is held by sliding doors for the dressing room of the «compartment» type. This is due to the reliability and durability of the mechanism itself, as well as the fact that doors with such a mechanism harmoniously fit into almost any interior. According to the method of opening, compartment doors can be moved apart to the sides or pushed behind the wall. Sliding doors for an accordion-type dressing room are no less in demand, especially if the installation of a sliding door is supposed to be on a narrow aisle. And do not be afraid of the fragile appearance of such a door. In order for accordion doors to serve reliably and for a long time, when choosing this type of sliding doors, be sure to pay attention to the quality of fasteners. The operational qualities of such doors will primarily depend on how reliable the mounting hardware is.


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