Semicircular bathroom cornice


semicircular cornice for bathroom

Modern bathrooms, especially those located in new buildings, are often designed according to an individual design project, and then it becomes necessary to use non-standard cornices in them.

If the bath has a triangular or oval shape, corner or wall placement, it requires the installation of a semicircular curtain rod. The choice of such cornices on the modern market is quite large, but if the bathtub has non-standard dimensions or it is asymmetrical, then it is better to make a semicircular cornice for the bathroom to order.

How to choose the right cornice?

When buying or making a custom-made cornice from metal, it should be borne in mind that its color must match the colors of faucets and other accessories, then it will harmoniously fit into the interior of the bathroom.

To date, one of the most popular semicircular cornices for curtains in the bathroom is a telescopic arc-shaped rod, which is a pipe with a spring inside. Its installation does not require attachment with screws, which allows you to not make holes in the walls, but for greater reliability it can be equipped with an additional ceiling mount. Such a bar has a rather attractive and aesthetic appearance.

Most often, a semicircular cornice is made of a flexible material, such as aluminum, plastic, but it has one drawback: over time, it begins to sag. To avoid this, sometimes an additional mount is used to more securely fix the semicircular cornice for the bathroom.

To avoid deformation of such a product, it is best to purchase it from stainless steel, this option is of better quality, but has a high price. Often such a cornice has another bar, which is used for drying towels.


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