Russian style in the interior


Russian style in the interior

Modern designers have not yet abandoned folk traditions, although now they are trying to fit them into the framework of advanced interior solutions using new materials. To learn Russian style in the interior is quite simple. It matches the wood trim and furniture, as well as the appropriate decor.

Designers prefer wood species traditional for Russia, such as birch or pine. Special decorative elements are used: chests, benches, tablecloths. Here is such a Russian interior.

Comfortable hut

Indeed, the interior in the style of a Russian hut is exotic even in Russia, since not everyone is satisfied with simplicity, expediency and naturalness — the main characteristics of the style — when planning the interior of the house.

And yet, do not forget that the hut is warm and cozy. Designers use discreet decorative elements in its interior. Accessories include lace curtains, capes and tablecloths. Carved patterns are also provided.

Wooden utensils, spinning wheels, a basket — all this can emphasize the originality and color of the hut. The main element of the Russian style is a large wooden table, which is complemented by benches. Chairs decorated with carvings emphasize the national identity. The floor, of course, should be wooden, as well as the doors, and Russian simplicity prevails at the heart of the entire interior.

Characteristic features of the kitchen

Designers use long benches, luxurious wooden tables, cabinets and sideboards. If there are enough free areas in the kitchen, then you can install a real Russian stove. By the way, there are often large quantities of bast products. Not only the walls, but also the curtains are decorated with patterns and ornaments. The interior of the kitchen in the Russian style is distinguished by naturalness.

Russian estate

Designers need not only to recreate the interior of the past, but also to take care of the presence of the real “Russian spirit” in the room. The interior of the estate is not characterized by flashy luxury. Of course, the landowners borrowed something from foreign styles, as a result of which the estate is slightly different from the hut. For example, there are clocks on the walls, bright upholstery of upholstered furniture, sconces, paintings, and other decorative elements.

You can start arranging your own home-estate from the floors and walls. Furniture will have to be made to order; you can even artificially age it. As accessories, you should use various antiques, handed down to you by inheritance. It is not so difficult to recreate the interior of a house in the Russian style.

It is important to note that the interior in the style of a Russian estate is harmonious, and therefore it is worth considering whether it is worth moving away from your roots to decorating a house in foreign styles.


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