Room interior for a teenage girl 12 years old


Room interior for a teenage girl 12 years old

The age of 10-12 years is actually the beginning of a girl’s growing up. Dolls and children’s entertainment are becoming a thing of the past, the girl begins to be interested in her appearance, how others react to her, whether they like her. Therefore, the interior of a room for a teenage girl of 12 years or more should be somewhat different from the one she had in her childhood.

Room design for a girl 12 years old

You should carefully review the color scheme and decoration of the walls and, if they are too childish, it is better to carry out a major renovation. So, wallpaper with princesses and castles is better to replace with no less girlish, but more adult patterns. Good at this age are references to the themes of travel, ballet, and simply beautiful floral ornaments. The color scheme of such a room may also change. For example, try adding black details to the usual pink color on the walls, and you will be surprised how the bedroom will look like the home of a young and elegant French woman. The floor covering of a children’s room for a girl of 12 years old can be covered with a long pile carpet. There is no longer a risk that the child will get tangled in the pile and fall, but the bedroom will immediately begin to look more comfortable. The ceiling may also be replaced, for example, if it is painted with motifs from fairy tales. Choose a not too massive chandelier with a modern design.

Furniture for a girl’s room 12 years old

Ideas for the room of a girl of 12 years old in the field of furniture consist not only in updating some things, but also in introducing new ones. So, if you have not done this before, then it’s time to purchase and place a real dressing table in the room, at which the girl can preen, experiment with the first make-up, try hairstyles. A good addition to it will be a mirror in which the girl can see herself in full growth, evaluate her outfit.

Be sure to review the existing furniture. For example, a castle bed is subject to replacement, as it looks too childish and, for sure, no longer pleases its mistress. But you should not get rid of soft toys and dolls. Give them a separate place in the room, they will please the girl for a long time. Pay special attention to the decor of the new room. Start in his selection from the interests and hobbies of the girl, and then the new environment will definitely please her.


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