Rococo style in the interior


rococo style in the interior

Rococo in the interior is known for its brightness, richness of color, luxury and intricacy. However, despite the abundance of all the elements present, unusual for our century, interior design in the rococo style will always look elegant. Rococo as a style appeared between 1700 and 1780 in Western Europe, finding its place not only in painting and architecture, but also in music. The French term «rocaille» means asymmetrical patterns depicting natural swirls on trees, sea shells, clouds or flowers. Since it was from this term that the name of the style came, it is not difficult to imagine what motif is mainly inherent in the Rococo style.

In some sources, Rococo is also called late Baroque, however, unlike the latter, the features of the Rococo style include the presence of new motifs that came much later. Over time, elements of the Oriental style were integrated into Rococo. The square shapes have been replaced with sinuous lines and shapes. What has remained unchanged in Rococo since the time of the Baroque is the love of intricate weaves.

As for the rococo style in a modern interior, it still contains a large amount of gold, contrasting with delicate pastel shades. In fact, trends from China, Italy, as well as Gothic motifs are mixed in the rococo interior. Thus, in our time, a large number of richly decorated interiors can be attributed to the Rococo. Golden stucco is also inherent in the interior in the oriental style, but the rococo is easily recognizable as much more European. It is a little more strict: in a rococo room you will not find so many pillows and soft sofas. However, this does not make this style less cozy. It’s just that it has a little more elegance and absolutely no swagger.

Rococo style furniture

Rococo furniture is usually made of mahogany and upholstered in leather, brocade or velvet. It looks incredibly beautiful in a rococo style bedroom or living room. In this regard, the rococo kitchen loses a lot, since the upholstery materials are quite easily soiled and their beauty is at odds with the practicality that is vital for arranging the kitchen. Typically, furniture designs are very intricate, with exquisite carvings that emphasize the rather feminine curves of each piece.

Rococo was one of the first styles where special attention was paid to the interior. For the first time, they began to attach great importance to the arrangement of furniture and how it fits with the rest of the interior. Ornaments were supposed to complement each other, and wall paintings were often made in the same theme as the furniture. That is why, if you are ever lucky enough to visit a house decorated in the Rococo style, you will notice how difficult it is to imagine a piece of furniture from one room being freely moved to another. This does not mean that in a modern interior it is necessary to achieve absolutely the same. However, this should give you an idea of ​​how important the combination of all the details is for this style.

Rococo colors

French Rococo is widely known for its combinations of yellow, pink, ivory and gold, as well as sky blue and cream. We can say that the chip of this style is the combination of pastel shades and gold.

Another important feature of the interior in the Rococo style is the use of mirrors and the avoidance of sharp lines, even the rooms were built in streamlined shapes — ovals or circles. Thus, in order to create an authentic interior in the Rococo style, one must not only pay attention to a huge number details, but also to start thinking about the interior at the time of designing the house to achieve the perfect feel of that era.


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