Pop art in the interior

pop art in the interior

Pop art style is one of the most prominent trends in modern design. It developed within the eponymous movement in the art of the 60s of the 20th century and is inextricably linked with the name of the legendary Andy Warhol.

Pop art is a combination of simple shapes, stylized pictures and rich, vibrant colors. It often uses repetitive motifs, recognizable and popular images, celebrity portraits, photographs, comics. So, for example, the classics of pop art are the image of cans of canned soup «Kembels», the neon faces of Marilyn Monroe and Mao Zedong, which were created by Warhol.

It is also an important feature of pop art — this is contrast, due to which a very expressive and well-aimed picture is created. If we talk about the mood, then the philosophy of pop art is dynamism, a sense of humor, good taste on the verge of kitsch, carelessness and love of life.

Pop art style in the interior

The decorativeness, lightness and conciseness of pop art make it extremely practical and functional. In fact, this style can be attributed to the number of undeniable trends in interior design — it has not lost its position for more than 50 years.

The interior in the style of pop art will be preferred by modern, stylish and courageous people. Among other things, pop art can be considered relatively democratic, as it almost does not use luxury items or expensive materials.

The ideal pop art room is a spacious room with a minimum of furniture and accents in the form of expressive and catchy details.

In addition, for pop art in the interior are typical:

  1. Color contrasts — between furniture and walls, various interior elements.
  2. architectural techniquessuch as wall niches, multi-level ceilings, room zoning.
  3. Playing with light and its abundance. Pop art uses a variety of lighting, unusual lamps, with the help of light they break up the space, make the room more spacious, create a unique atmosphere. Mirrors are often used for the same purpose.
  4. Laconic forms This applies to both furniture and decorative elements.
  5. Technological materials — plastic, metal, glass, play with textures of materials, their color and transparency.
  6. Lots of vibrant prints — on textiles, furniture, walls. These can be patterns, animal motifs, black and white or color photographs with various effects, frames from films and cartoons, scenes from comics.
  7. Repetition of interior elements, the rhythm of the composition.
  8. Bright, saturated, sometimes acidic and neon colors. White color, pastel shades are also widely used.
  9. Whimsical and daring decorative elements. It can be posters, lamps, vases, dishes, pillows.

pop art kitchen

A pop art kitchen will suit even relatively conservative people. Styling as a bar counter, plastic furniture, bright walls, multi-colored dishes, a few “delicious” pictures on the walls — these simple tricks will help you create a great and stylish interior.

Pop art living room

A pop art living room can be a business card for those who like to gather friends at home and have parties. As the main accent in the interior, use an expressive print or photo on the wall. pop art bedroomUnder it, place a large and comfortable sofa with bright pillows, put a couple of chairs on the sides. In addition — a small coffee table, shelving with a minimum of original details, well-placed light.

Pop art bedroom

To create a bedroom in the style of pop art, you also do not have to resort to some special trick. Create all the compositions around the bed, use interesting textiles with prints and pictures, complete everything with catchy interior details. Do not forget that the contrast between interior elements plays into your hands.

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