Paintings in the interior of the living room

Paintings in the interior of the living room

We all know that the living room is the central room of any house or apartment. So, its design should be unique, original, cozy, combine beauty, style and comfort. And to create such an interior in the living room will help the paintings on the walls.

Rules for decorating the walls in the living room with paintings

As a rule, you can successfully pick up a picture in the living room, observing certain conditions.

  1. If you plan to hang on the wall of the living room not one big picture, but several small ones, remember that if the frames for all the pictures are the same, then the whole series of pictures will be perceived as one.
  2. Several large, identical in size, paintings are best hung in a row: this will make the wall bright and lively.
  3. A picture hung in the center of the living room will emphasize the symmetry of the room’s design, and in a zoned room, a picture on the wall will highlight this area even more.
  4. A sense of dynamics will be given to your living room by paintings of different sizes, which are arranged asymmetrically. And if monochrome or black and white paintings, the same size, are hung symmetrically, they will make the interior of the living room strict and stable.
  5. It is better to place large paintings asymmetrically, keeping a sufficiently large distance between them so that attention is focused on each of the paintings.

Today, modular paintings are becoming increasingly popular, with which you can create exquisite and unique interiors. Such paintings, consisting of several modules, visually expand small spaces, and look concise and stylish in a spacious living room. A modular picture can become a real highlight in the interior of your living room.

A beautiful large picture with a city landscape will perfectly decorate any living room. For a living room in a colonial or empire style, a reproduction of one of the famous artists or a picture depicting the tsarist time is perfect. The European style is perfect for a painting on a marine theme, a pastel landscape. The style of minimalism is emphasized by paintings in stucco frames. A large picture hung in the center of a sofa, chest of drawers or fireplace will look good.

To decorate the interior of the living room, you can choose paintings depicting flowers, forest spaces or a flowering meadow.

If you are an adherent of Feng Shui, then, when choosing a picture for the living room, be sure to rely on your feelings. Painting in the living room according to Feng Shui should cause extremely positive emotions. Do not purchase hostile or aggressive images. You should also not get carried away with abstract paintings, since such images carry little positive in themselves.

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