Modern style in the interior


Modern style in the interior

It is generally accepted that modern-style interiors are cold and minimalist, but in fact, modern style does not have to make the interior spartan at all. Today’s interiors of apartments in a modern style are quite comfortable and not without coziness. This style is suitable for both strict offices and for arranging a home. Recently, such offshoots of modern style in the interior as «English style» and «modern classics» are in the greatest demand. And yet, all directions are united by common features that are worth remembering if you have chosen this style for your interior.

Color spectrum

The main colors that are used in interior design in a modern style are white, black, as well as colors of pastel shades. Bright colors are used for accents. Black outlines shapes and highlights lines. If the walls and windows are pastel, this is a wonderful opportunity to use bright accessories. If the walls are flashy colors, then all other objects should be neutral shades. In the modern English style, it is customary to use wood in the interior — oak or walnut, they determine the color scheme.

Lines and space

The most distinctive element of modern interior design is the lines. Empty space on the walls and between individual pieces of furniture is just as important for a modern interior style as the space filled with various kinds of objects. It is especially worth paying attention to this if you decide to decorate the interior of the hall in a modern style. In such interiors, the rule “the less, the better” applies. Thus, each object looks unique and unrepeatable.

At the same time, if in the English style a small exception to this rule is possible, allowing bulky objects, the interior in the style of «modern classics» makes concessions only for multi-level ceilings and arches.

interior in modern styleFurniture

The smoothness and purity of geometric shapes is what distinguishes modern-style furniture in the interior. Often, when creating it, materials “under natural” were used — wood, linen, cotton, silk. Of course, if there is such an opportunity, no one forbids using them in fact. English style and modern classic style converge in love for fine antiques that give the impression of unobtrusive luxury. The only thing to avoid in order not to end up exchanging a modern style for a traditional classic is furniture with a lot of draperies and stucco.


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